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St. George’s Day is just around the corner and curiously, despite not being in the least bit British, old St. George was adopted by England as Her Patron Saint. I wonder how many of those *ahem* staunch proud Englishmen are aware of George’s heritage.

Aside from football, April 23rd is a good opportunity to make use of those long-forgotten World Cup flags. In fact, recycle those footie flags is exactly what you might need to do if you want to feature that distinctive Red and White cross in your St. George’s Day décor because as I discovered, trying to buy one in April is like trying to find rocking horse shit!

Seriously? When did this country become so unpatriotic? You wouldn’t get this sort of nonsense across the pond. Could you imagine the 4th of July without the Stars and Stripes? No.

Closer to home, even St. Patrick holds more importance, with shops awash with tricolour-inspired décor weeks before St. Paddy’s Day. (Although I concede I’ve yet to find anywhere local where you can buy a bunch of shamrocks.) And yet, our very own National Day rolls around and it’s like tumbleweed. You can’t find a St. George’s Cross for love nor money.

It’s bloody outrageous, I tell ya!

Just as well I’m a football fan.

Even if my love for our national side has waned almost as much as this country’s patriotism.

Flags aside, I did want to mark the occasion with a little seasonal Suzyness and managed to produce two St. George’s Day decorations that were so incredibly simple, anyone could make them. Not only are they cheap, they are super quick, with each one taking little more than 30 minutes.

Plus faffing time for the roses.

Of course.

DIY Metal Dragon’s Egg

DIY Metal Dragon's Egg

As far back as King Arthur and the legend of Camelot, dragons are woven into the fabric of English mythology and the dragon is synonymous with St George, who is said to have killed one to free a princess. So it stands to reason that a dragon would feature in my St. George’s Day décor.

If you’ve been around these parts a while, you’ll know this isn’t my first dragon’s egg but despite being almost double the size, this DIY Metal Dragon’s Egg was quicker to make!

What you need

  • A foam egg – Mine is 9cm tall. It came in a variety pack from The Range – a leftover from a never-got-around-to Easter project.
  • Drawing Pins – you’ll need quite a lot. I got through almost an entire pack of 400.

All you need to do is pin the drawing pins into the foam to form “scales” by working your way around the egg.

DIY Metal Dragon's Egg

I started with my first drawing pin in the very centre at the top and pinned my way to the bottom, as I thought it seemed a more natural direction for the scales.

As natural as scales on a mythical egg could possibly be.

DIY Metal Dragon's Egg

Ta da!

Very therapeutic and it took just 20 minutes.

I’ve seen these “Drawing Pin Dragon Eggs” decorated in a few ways, including some funky spray paint and patina effects, but I quite like it au naturel. The silver drawing pins look anything from gold to pewter, depending on the light.

DIY Skull Vase

DIY Gothic Skull Vase with Red Roses

Another lasting symbol of St George’s Day is the quintessentially English red rose and thankfully, the shops at least had some of those!

And it’s not even Valentine’s Day! Perhaps there’s hope for this country yet.

However what you might struggle with at this time of year is the polystyrene skull to make the vase. FML! Amazon perhaps?

It will surprise you not to learn I have several in my stash after buying a job lot from Hobbycraft last Halloween. I’ve already used most of them; watch out for those.

When I saw this simple tutorial from Persia Lou (which you may remember from my Easter roundup) I knew one o’them there bad boys would be destined to become a gothic skull vase and the notion of a St. George’s Day skull had me chomping at the bit to make one long before Halloween.

What I used

For the glass, I started with an old whisky tumbler, but it was a bit chunky. On Beloved’s advice, I switched to a recycled Nutella jar, the contents of which are now in a temporary container.

Well… it’s not like those spoonfuls of chocolatey goodness will last very long!

DIY Gothic Skull Vase

Aside from the cool factor of having your very own skull vase, the beauty of this DIY is you can swap out the flowers whenever you want. Real or faux. Spring flowers, succulents, trailing ivy, or deep red roses, the options are endless.

You can even paint your skull according to your seasonal décor. I happen to like the gothic vibe of black and red at any time of year.

DIY Gothic Skull Vase with Red Roses

Can’t find a skull? Why not try something different? There are tons of polystyrene forms out there. How about a foam head? Now THAT would be amazing!

Uh Oh! I feel another project coming on!

Taken with the skull? Why not save this post to Pinterest, so you can refer to it later in the year?

Gothic Skull with red roses and DIY Dragon's Eggs

So there you have it. Two super quick and cheap makes for your St. George’s Day celebrations.

As always, let me know what you think of this project by dropping a comment below, or come on over to Instagram or Facebook and join in the chat.

A hui hou,

With love from @SuzyHomemakerUK



Quick and Easy DIY St. George's Day Decorations - @SuzyHomemakerUK


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