Altered Hunter Laing Old & Rare Whisky Bottle and Box #HalloweenDecoration #VictorianGothic #GothitYourself #Whisky #SingleMalt

One of the best things about being a maker is people give you stuff for your projects. Take this Hunter Laing Old & Rare whisky box for example. It was gifted to me during a rather splendid single cask whisky tasting session.

Oh, wait.

When I say ‘gifted’…

Perhaps ‘relinquished on pain of death’ would be more accurate.

Well… these whisky boxes ARE rather spectacular! And this one was most definitely begging to be treated to some witch crafting.

Altered Whisky Box

Hunter Laing Old & Rare Whisky Box

Now I could’ve gone nuts decorating this box. But with their beautiful high gloss exteriors and black velvet lining, Hunter Laing’s Old & Rare boxes are a work of art in themselves. I knew mine would fit right into OneandSeventy’s Victorian Gothic dining room, so I didn’t need (or want) to do much more than fancy it up for display.

But the branding had to go. Sorry Hunter Laing!

I had planned to do something with vinyl or paint like the witch’s box, hence the masking tape but I didn’t realise the branding was embossed. Luckily, I was able to scrape it off relatively easily using a Cricut spatula; its thin, non-scratchy metal head was the perfect tool for the job, although I did get a little eager, scraping away some of the gloss. Oooops!

Hunter Laing Old & Rare Whisky Box

Bull. In. China. Shop. As Beloved would say.

My carelessness resulted in a less than perfect surface but luckily, the metal embellishments I use for the handmade spell books made light work of covering the space where the logo had been.

Add one set of decorative Tim Holtz feet and the box was done.

Altered Hunter Laing Old & Rare Whisky Bottle and Box #HalloweenDecoration #VictorianGothic #GothitYourself #Whisky #SingleMalt

Understated and classy.

Unlike the bottle!

Altered Bottle Love

Altered Hunter Laing Old & Rare Whisky Bottle and Box #HalloweenDecoration #VictorianGothic #GothitYourself #Whisky #SingleMalt

Onto the whisky bottle and after painting it with black acrylic (this was before I discovered Black Gesso – a far better option), I used a variety of materials for decoration.

There was Polyfilla and lace for texture, with stamping inks (like I did for the apothecary labels) and dry-brushed acrylic paint for added colour. I added a set of rosary beads and jewelled bracelet that I picked up in charity shops, another metal embellishment, and a key charm.

Altered crafts are great because you can just play. I rarely have a plan, I just keep painting and adding things until I’m happy with the overall look.

Altered Hunter Laing Old & Rare Whisky Bottle and Box #HalloweenDecoration #VictorianGothic #GothitYourself #Whisky #SingleMalt

You’ll see from some of the photos that I topped off the bottle with a fancy doorknob for a stopper, but the white never quite looked right. I left it for a while and then the apothecary cabinet happened. The unit’s original brass doorknob was just what this bottle needed and the white one went on to adorn one of the white potion bottles where it, too, looks much more at home.

I do like it when I can re-use stuff rather than add to the landfill problem.

Halloween Party Table with Altered Bottle #HalloweenParty #HalloweenDecorations #HalloweenTable

If you saw last year’s Halloween House Tour, you might have spotted the bottle gracing Madame Skelita’s Halloween table.

Halloween Party Table with Altered Bottle #HalloweenParty #HalloweenDecorations #HalloweenTable

Once Halloween was over, both the altered bottle and its box took up residence on the OneandSeventy whisky shelf.

Whisky Shelf with Altered Hunter Laing Old & Rare Whisky Bottle and Box #HalloweenDecoration #VictorianGothic #GothitYourself

Funny how things come full circle.

I’m rather pleased with how they both turned out. What do you think? Do you feel inspired to have a crack at an altered bottle or altered box of your own?

As always, I’d love to hear from you, so if you like this project, drop a comment below to let me know. Alternatively, come and connect with me on Instagram where you can indulge in a daily Halloween fix.

A hui hou,

The Witch at OneandSeventy - - @SuzyHomemakerUK



Altered Hunter Laing Old & Rare Whisky Bottle and Box #HalloweenDecoration #VictorianGothic #GothitYourself #Whisky #SingleMalt

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