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Hello! And welcome to The Witch at OneandSeventy formerly The World of Suzy Homemaker… the abridged version.

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I’m Sue AKA Suzy H, AKA The Witch at OneandSeventy. I’m a typical 50-something South Londoner, with a most untypical Halloween obsession. My home is my castle and I’m busy crafting a life where handmade meets High Street and home is made with attitude and magic.

The Witch at OneandSeventy's Halloween Open House 2017 #HalloweenDecorations #HauntedMansion #HalloweenDecorator #UKHalloween #BringHalloweenBacktoBritain

Samhain (pronounced Sow-en) or Halloween is my most wonderful time of the year. I celebrate by transforming our 3-bed semi in Staffordshire, UK into a Haunted Mansion and inviting the local Trick or Treaters inside to share in my Halloween passion. In 2017, we estimate around 300 people queued up just to see my decorations, with people arriving in taxis from nearby towns just to visit us.

The Cauldron Inn is fast becoming a local Halloween tradition. But here at OneandSeventy, Halloween isn’t just one night. You’ll find creepy crafts and spookalicious projects in these pages all year round. Many of my decorations are on permanent display and are used to weave deliciously dark magical touches into my everyday decor. Like a magpie, I seek out the shiny, the macabre and the different, bring it all together, mix it up a bit, then sprinkle it with magic to make a home worthy of any witch.

If you love your home and you like things, well… a little different, then this is the blog for you. In my world, you’ll find a compendium of curious crafting projects, year-round Halloween inspiration and seasonal celebration ideas that will inspire you to create a stylish, if somewhat eclectic home, packed with personality.

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A hui hou { That’s Hawaiian for “until we meet again”.

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