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Happy Summer Solstice!

Today marks the mid-point of 2018. Can you believe we’re halfway through the year already? Just as today’s turn of the yearly wheel brings change to our world, I’m making a few directional changes of my own.

If you’re an email subscriber, you may recall I’ve recently been getting in a little ‘me’ time. Part of that process has been figuring out where I want to be heading and I’m sure it’ll come as no surprise to learn that I want to concentrate on Halloween.

Some might think I already do.

We’ll say nothing of the 20 skulls I’m painting as I write this.

Yes, it may only be June, but Halloween has already started to appear across the pond and I. WANT. IN!

Bring Halloween Back to Britain

I’ve known for some time that I want to create Halloween all year round but wasn’t sure what that looked like. I want to make more decorations both to inspire and to sell. I want to build props and learn new techniques for bringing Halloween to life.

I want to grow the annual Open House and maybe even develop a haunt away from OneandSeventy (wouldn’t that be radical?)

I’d like to offer my services as a Halloween decorator and work with companies who make and sell Halloween goodies (hint, hint Homesense!!) And I’d love to collaborate with more Halloween bloggers like Shivers of Delight and Eat the Dead and Samhain Society founder, Spooky Little Halloween.

But most of all, I want to bring Halloween back to Britain!

And I just can’t do all of that AND continue with the blog in its current form.

Let it go!

The World of Suzy Homemaker started as a place to flex my creative muscles and document my progress in a house full of niggles. Suzy H has been amazing. She’s taught me heaps and I love her, but it’s time to let her go.

Cue irritating music.

Change is an inevitable part of life. The problem is, I HATE CHANGE! Oh, I’m great at taking on new challenges, but I am absolute shite at making room for them. I hold onto things, feelings, and tasks that no longer serve me and end up trying to juggle them all.

Sound familiar?

Consequently, I become overwhelmed by the amount of “stuff” on my plate and that’s when the darkness starts to descend.

And I don’t mean in a cool, Halloween kinda way.

Something has to give.

The GDPR Effect

Having my mailing list completely (and as I’ve since discovered unnecessarily) decimated by GDPR was soul-destroying, but it’s given me an amazing opportunity to change things up a bit. Beloved’s been saying for a while that I should be focusing on The Witch at OneandSeventy and I can no longer ignore the Bruce Almighty moments being thrust upon me. Every time I turn around, another path leads to Halloween.

And if the spooktacular activity on Pinterest and influx of new subscribers are anything to go by (welcome!), there’s definitely a place for my particular brand of witchcrafts.

I’m not giving up the “normal” side of the blog entirely. There are bound to be more Suzy makes and stuff going on around OneandSeventy but those posts will be less frequent. I’ll be returning to one (Halloween-themed) post per week with the odd Suzy project thrown in as-and-when. If you want more Suzy in the meantime, you’ll still find her lurking on Instagram.

Over the coming weeks, I’ll be shuffling things around a bit to reflect my new direction (all the while keeping my fingers crossed I don’t break the blog in the process!) Down the line, I may change the name or even build a new blog but for now, you’ll find The Witch at OneandSeventy and Suzy Homemaker continuing to co-exist in these pages.

If you’re still here after GDPR, you’re likely a supportive friend (thank you!) or a secret Halloween obsessive (I knew you were there). Either way, I hope you’ll welcome this change of direction and I look forward to sharing this broomstick ride with you.

A hui hou,

The Witch at OneandSeventy - - @SuzyHomemakerUK




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