First Halloween finds of 2018 - Spooky Little Halloween

It’s here! IT’S HERE!! Oh, wait. Actually, it’s THERE. As evidenced by these photos from America’s At Home Stores, generously provided by my spookalicious Insta-friend Miranda.

It’s no secret that when it comes to Halloween, I’d like to up sticks and move to America.

Or at least shop there.

Pier 1 Halloween 2017

Even though Halloween dates back to the Celtic fire festival of Samhain that hails from here in the British Isles, we Brits definitely get the raw end of the Halloween decorating deal. It’s why last year; I launched a campaign to Bring Halloween Back to Britain.

Michaels Halloween 2017

Not only do our Halloween-loving cousins across the pond have way better decorations than us (OK, aside from HomeSense and TK Maxx, but then they ARE part of a US-company), America also gets them early.

Like NOW early!

Last July, I all but hyperventilated at discovering 8 aisles of Hallow-goodness in Michael’s.

Michaels Halloween 2017

And the perfect pumpkins of Jo-Ann’s.

Jo-Ann Halloween Pumpkins 2017

Not to mention THOSE skulls at Pier 1 Imports that spawned the birth of my own jewelled creations.

Pier 1 Jewelled Skull Halloween 2017

And who could forget Poe’s typewriter that I almost cried over in TJ Maxx?

There was no fitting THAT into my suitcase.

TJ Maxx Halloween 2017 - Poe Typewriter | The Witch at OneandSeventy

Then cried over again when Beloved found not one but TWO sizes in Homesense.

Homesense Halloween 2017 - Poe Typewriter | The Witch at OneandSeventy

That now live in the OneandSeventy Dining Room.

All. Year. Round.

Homesense Halloween 2017 - Poe Typewriter | The Witch at OneandSeventy


Beloved ain’t bad, either.

But if I thought Halloween in July was amazing, some of my Insta-Hallowbuddies started posting their 2018 finds in May!

View this post on Instagram

#CODEORANGE: This is NOT a drill. We have our FIRST sighting of Halloween in the wild for 2018! My friend Stephnie, who lives near San Antonio, TX, sent me a few photos from her local @athomestores late yesterday which was just starting to stock their Halloween! IT’S HERE GUYS!!! 🎃 ••• Wondering when Halloween hits shelves in your fave store? I’ve got a cheat sheet in the summer Halloween zine, which comes out TOMORROW! Join my email list to get the spring issue today & the summer issue tomorrow. Link is in my profile. ••• #halloween #halloweeninstores #halloweendecor #halloweendecorations #halloween2018 #athomehalloween #athome #athomestores #athomefinds #halloweeniscoming #everydayishalloween #halloweeniseveryday

A post shared by Miranda (@spookylittlehalloween) on

MAY, I tell ya!

OK, I get that Britain is like a zillionth the size of America with more customers to please and of course, everything Stateside is bigger including Halloween but Jeez Louise! Without Homesense and TK Maxx feeding our addiction maybe in early September, UK Halloween lovers will be lucky to see anything more spooky than a pumpkin well into witching season.

It’s bad enough if you only do magic on October 31st. But if you’re a Halloween decorator like me who makes magical mischief all year, it can be seriously soul-destroying.

Michaels Halloween 2017

And so it is that I live vicariously through my Stateside Insta-witches.

You’ve already been introduced to the über stylish Alex at Me and Annabelle Lee – my Dark Crafting Soul Sister.

Then there’s Miranda Enzor, Halloween Hunting Guru and primary source of this year’s early finds. Miranda blogs over at Spooky Little Halloween and also runs The Samhain Society – a group of like-minded Halloween-obsessed bloggers.

Like Yours Truly.

Last, but certainly not least, is my dear Insta-friend and Hallow-decor Sister Jillian at @Trick_ThirtyOne, whose home is quite possibly even more chock full of year-round Halloween than OneandSeventy and whose positive comments and support on both Instagram and Pinterest have been influential in my Halloween journey.

Oh! And Jillian reliably informs us that Pier 1 is doing THAT SKULL in black this year.

You’re welcome.

I hope one day to get the chance to meet these fabulous ladies for some spooktacular Stateside shopping. Mind you… I suspect if that were ever to happen, I might need a considerably larger baggage allowance!

A hui hou,

The Witch at OneandSeventy - Making Halloween Everyday



First Halloween finds of 2018 - Spooky Little Halloween








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