DIY Apothecary Book

You may have gathered by now I’m rather fond of an apothecary. Indeed, no witch worth her salt would be without one, be it a full-on cabinet stocked with potion bottles or a miniature display version, purpose-made to sit inside said cabinet. Well now, there’s a new kid on the block.

An Apothecary Book, worthy of any witch’s curious corner.

DIY Apothecary Book

The idea was born of an oversized faux book I picked up in HomeSense. You may recognise it as the big brother of the one I used for the Mummified Fairy Tales Book.

DIY Apothecary Book

At 34cm x 28cm, this was one of those items I bought thinking “what in the hell am I gonna do with something that size?!” However, the addition of a bunch of boxes from the innards of a Shadow Box and pretty soon, an Apothecary Book full of cubbies and compartments sprung into life.

The challenge then became not what I do WITH the box, but how the hell do I FILL it! There began something of a labour of love, as I sought out items that were both relevant and a suitable size.

DIY Apothecary Book

A rummage through my stash unearthed small potion bottles, which fit like a charm. Then came a set of rosary beads, a few crystals and a bone-handle spoon that I use for scooping incense resin onto charcoal discs. 

I made a couple of new bits like the clay skull, crystal ball and a faux spell book, and added a few natural elements as befits a witch’s apothecary, like feathers, shells and a bundle of white sage.

DIY Apothecary Book

There are curios I picked up during my shopping trips, including a small cactus candle and a couple of miniature clay bottles, which were the perfect size for my Apothecary Book. But seriously… what ELSE would anyone use them for?!

Answers on a postcard please…

But the pièce de résistance… the item that started this labour of love, my favourite piece in the whole entire Apothecary Book…

DIY Apothecary Book

Say hello to Cedric, the grumpy mandrake root. 

Cedric was gifted to me by one of my gorgeous subscribers, the lovely Kerryann over at Poison Palette. He is so very cute and beautifully made, he makes the perfect centrepiece for this curious creation.

I can’t stop looking at him. Thanks Kerryann!

DIY Apothecary Book

The outside of the book was decorated using the tissue paper method from several of my other projects, including the DIY Skull Lamp and Halloween Skull Bottles. Then I added a range of embellishments, like fancy corners, wooden frames, metal filigree and a creepy eye.

Very Hocus Pocus!

Again, this isn’t my first outing with eyes as you may remember from that curious Crying Mask from a few weeks back.

DIY Apothecary Book

This Book Apothecary has turned into a good-sized prop that fills a decent space. Last Halloween, it came in very handy for helping to fill the apothecary shelves in the Witch’s Kitchen.

Witch's Kitchen #HalloweenDecorations

And once the doors closed on last year’s Open House, it didn’t get hidden away. It’s become a permanent feature in my office, patiently awaiting next Halloween.

DIY Apothecary Book with Nevermore Crow, DIY Potion Bottle and Skeleton

Just as well really, there ain’t a lot of room left in the loft!

DIY Apothecary Book with DIY Potion Bottle and Skull

I hope you like this project as much as I enjoyed making it. Maybe it will inspire you to create a magical Apothecary Book of your own?

A hui hou,

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DIY Apothecary Book
DIY Apothecary Book

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