Tiffany Blue Jewelled Christmas Bauble with miniature Christmas Tree #ChristmasDecorations #ChristmasCrafts

Halloween may be my Christmas but for what seems like the rest of the world, Christmas is… well, at Christmas. And if you can’t have a bit of bling at Christmas, when can you? This jewelled Christmas ornament is most definitely blingtastic and I think it adds just the right amount of something something to your handmade Christmas decorations.

Back in 2016, when I finally surrendered to the Frozen train and Christmas at OneandSeventy turned icy, I happened across a 4-pack of large baby blue baubles in TK Maxx (where else?)

Frozen Icy Blue and White Christmas Tree #ChristmasTree #ChristmasDecorations

They were already gorgeous; needing nothing more than a white ribbon to look like they stepped straight out of a dreamy Tiffany window display.

So me!

As is the fact that clumsy bollocks here managed to drop one before it even made it to the tree. Therein lies the reason you only see three in the picture. Note to self: no more glass baubles!

Tiffany Blue Jewelled Christmas Bauble #ChristmasDecorations #ChristmasCrafts

If you’ve been around these parts a while, you may remember that in 2016 I was in full-on bling mode, bejewelling anything not nailed down, like skulls and hearts. I even blinged up a Hendricks Gin bottle.

I can’t help myself.

So it’ll come as no surprise that a Christmas bauble would soon suffer the same fate.

Tiffany Blue Jewelled Christmas Bauble with miniature Christmas Tree #ChristmasDecorations #ChristmasCrafts

And what a fate it turned out to be. I mean come ON!

Isn’t she a thing of beauty?

And SO simple to make!

Tiffany Blue Christmas Baubles with Black and White Advent Calendar #ChristmasDecorations #ChristmasCrafts

All you need for this sparkly Christmas craft is a bauble (natch), a bunch of gems and some glue. I use UHU, as it doesn’t eat the silver backing on the gems. You can generally pick it up cheaply in the Pound shops or if you’re not sure, this is the glue I mean.

A fun-filled 30 minutes or so later and you have yourself that little bit of added sparkle every Christmas deserves.

Tiffany Blue Jewelled Christmas Bauble with miniature Christmas Tree and a Gold Flamingo #ChristmasDecorations #ChristmasCrafts

OK, she might be a little big to hang on a miniature tree, but she looks rights at home with that most Christmassy of TK Maxx finds.

Because every Christmas home needs a gold flamingo, right?

What do you think? Reckon you might be tempted to break out the sparkles this Christmas? I’d love to know, so drop a comment below. Or, as ever, come on over to Facebook for a chat. You’ll also find me on Instagram at @WitchatOneandSeventy and @SuzyHomemakerUK.

Hope to see you soon!

A hui hou,

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Tiffany Blue Jewelled Christmas Bauble with miniature Christmas Tree #ChristmasDecorations #ChristmasCrafts

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