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Easy faux metal paint effect

Every crafter has a range of techniques up their sleeve. This one shows you how to transform practically anything with a simple, but effective faux metal paint effect.

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DIY kitchen sign made from scrap wood

As part of our recent kitchen makeover, I knocked up this simple sign from scrap wood. I like to remind visitors (lest they forget) that although Beloved and I live in Staffordshire, OneandSeventy is very much a Saaf East Lundun zone.

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Interactive DIY Chalkboard Picture for kids and adults

Here’s a super simple DIY for you, in the shape of a picture you can play with. Not only can you make a great piece of stylish, individual and interactive artwork for your walls, you can also create your own game that’s guaranteed to keep the kids occupied when the weather’s too pants to play outside!

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Making a witch’s box of magic

In the week when Harry Potter and the Cursed Child has its official launch, I’ve been making magic of my own. Come and see what magical tools I’ve been making for the discerning witch (or wizard’s) magical toolbox.

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Stylish handmade pictures

Welcome to Suzy Homemaker’s brave new world! I am SO excited to have you here. Have you had a chance to nosy around the new gaff yet? Waddya think? Not to be modest, but I love what I’ve done with the place. Don’t get me wrong, the old blog was great, but it was stressing me out. The Technophobe in me just couldn’t get it to do what I wanted without a ton of fiddling and a LOT of help which meant consequently, I was losing interest. WordPress is SO much easier and I have a shiny, new website that I’ve...

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