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DIY Mache Letter Wall Art

With a couple of mache letters and a mache box, you can create a romantic masterpiece for the master bedroom. Click through to see how I made mine.

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Learning to sew

Sewing machines are scary, but I managed to tackle the monster in the corner and produce a couple of nay bad patchwork cushions. Look at me go!

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SuzyHomemakerUK -

I’m Sue ~ a most untypical witch. Welcome to my world of curious creations, where Halloween is everyday, handmade meets high street and home is crafted with attitude and a touch of magic. Want to know more, including why I sign off my posts with “A hui hou”? Click here.


The Witch at OneandSeventy's Halloween Open House 2018
The Witch at OneandSeventy is a proud member of The Samhain Society - Where Halloween enthusiasts can feel at home discussing Halloween 365 days a year

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