Stunning Metallic Christmas decor

Welcome to Christmas 2015 at OneandSeventy!

Not only am I still in shock that it’s December (where did the year go?), but would you believe we hadn’t even seen the back of November and our tree was up already, the mantel was dressed and the twinkly lights were… well, twinkling?

I know. Who am I and what have I done with The Grinch?

It’s true. I’m not one for Christmas (especially before December!), but I did make a conscious effort this year to get cracking early on the decorations.

It’s my favourite part of the Season and I was determined to take my time and enjoy the process, rather than stress myself out trying to get everything done in a day. Just as well I did really, because both the tree and the mantel have been dressed, undressed, and re-dressed more than once!

For 26 years, my yardstick for the beginning of Christmas has been our son’s Birthday. So, now that Number 1 has aged another year, I am delighted to declare Christmas at OneandSeventy officially



Stunning Metallic Christmas decor

As you can see, this year’s theme is simple and understated…

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!

It started out that way, honest! But after going all out for Halloween, I was tired, de-motivated and lacking any sort of Christmas spirit.

Even more than usual.

(And that’s saying something!)

When it came to the Chrissy dex, I wasn’t planning anything more than a simple mantel and putting up the tree.

Then then this happened…

Stunning Metallic Christmas decor

Ta da!

I call it “Go Bling or Go Home”!

Erm… You could say I went a little nuts.

I blame Trentham Garden Centre entirely. There should be a notice on the doors saying “WARNING! Shiny stuff inside (Sue J)! Enter (with credit card) at your peril”.

Clearly, I’m kidding.

(I’m not.)

Stunning Metallic Christmas decor

I mean seriously, who could resist that lamppost? It’s straight out of Narnia. It even lights up!

As for the baubles. There was no stopping me. Talk about delicious.

Extravagant… but utterly delicious! Harald Glööckler, eat your heart out!

This gorgeous glam bauble wreath by Yours Truly is the icing on the cake.

Even if I do say so myself.

Stunning Metallic Christmas decor

With so much bling on offer in the living room, I thought it best to move the tree into our newly decorated hallway

Red Black and Gold Christmas Tree and decor

The minute we viewed OneandSeventy, I knew this was the perfect Christmas-tree-sized hallway and now it’s undergone a paint job (the hallway, not the tree), I am loving the space and the tree fits perfectly.

Doesn’t she look pretty?

Red Black and Gold Christmas Tree and decor

This is most definitely my best attempt yet at tree decorating.

Every morning, when I wander down the stairs half asleep, there she is to greet me and I instantly feel all warm and fuzzy. She may be artificial and almost a decade old, but our pre-lit Christmas Tree from John Lewis ain’t looking half bad for an old bird!

Red Black and Gold Christmas Tree and decor

After years of the same decorations, our usual Red, Green and Gold was feeling a bit tired.

Stunning Red, White and Green Christmas Tree and decorations

I wanted something exciting to complement our updated décor, so I bought a sack load of black and gold decorations. I think they look fantastic teamed with a pop of red from our existing baubles and help to bring Christmas bang up to date.

We even treated the old girl to a new skirt that I spied in Fairways Garden Centre, along with those two oversized pre-lit tree-like cones on the hearth.

Don’t panic. I haven’t elbowed tradition entirely. My beautiful Yule Log that Beloved made a lifetime ago is still going strong and has taken up residence on the console.

Homemade traditional yule log in a black red and gold setting

In a departure from my usual garland, I actually did go a little understated here, with a simple backdrop of netting lights on my newly painted banisters.

(Yay! No more orange varnish!)

Elsewhere, other DIYs from last year are making a return appearance.

Black white and silver DIY advent calendar

Like the black, white and silver hand-painted wooden Advent Calendar.

Martha Stewart inspired Handmade Golden Walnut Ball Christmas decoration

And Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a Martha Stewart inspired Golden Walnut Ball.

Photographing our North-facing hallway is a challenge, especially at this time of year. But sometimes, when the light streams through from the kitchen, it really does look beautiful.

Homemade traditional yule log in a black red and gold setting

Moving into the kitchen and I really did manage to keep it simple.

Kind of!

Making a comeback is last year’s string of snowball lights around the cooker hood.

Snowball fairy lights

As well as my years-old pre-lit table-top tree, which is now sporting a luscious gold pot (let’s hear it for duck tape and ribbon!)

3ft decorated Christmas Tree

Oh! And there may be this other cute little DIY I quickly threw together.

Christmas Dome and snow globe

Using white netting and battery-operated fairy lights, I’ve attempted to recreatee a snowy scene, complete with vintage snow globe and a trio of model trees.

Christmas Dome and snow globe

Oh but these aren’t just any fairy lights. Oh no.

These are time-controlled Marks and Spencer fairy lights. 3 for a tenner. Bargain!

See? Not too much at all!

Aside from a few twinklies dotted around, that’s about it for now.

(As if that wasn’t enough, Sue. You’ll be draining the National Grid at this rate!)

It’s not quite finished; I still have the Dining Room to attack. To be honest, I wouldn’t ordinarily bother as it’s not my favourite room in the house, but with guests for Christmas Day AND New Year, I suppose I ought to make an effort.

I hope you enjoyed this year’s Christmas Tour. Have you decorated your home? Drop a comment below with a link – I’d love to see what you’ve done with the place!

A hui hou.

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Stunning Metallic Christmas decor

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