Stylish and practical storage made from old boxes.

If you’ve been hankering after storage that’s stylish as well as practical, then you’ve come to the right blog post.

Whether you want glam or folksy, beautiful boxes aren’t exactly hard to come by. But they can be pricey. Why shell out your hard earned pennies, when you can make your own?

Now I’m what you might call a box hoarder. I have all kinds of boxes that originally housed all manner of items, from shoes, to shampoo, to vintage Dom Perignon. And I’ve kept them all under the pretext of “they might come in handy, one day”.

Well that day has come!

Stylish and practical storage made from old boxes.

One Christmas, many moons ago, Beloved’s bro bought him a box of sweets.

Not just one box. Not two boxes. Not even three. Oh no. This was a Costco special – FOUR stackable boxes of chocolate treats, all tied up with a bow.

He of sweet tooth was in heaven.

The contents may have been quickly demolished, but those matching “Russian Doll” boxes have lived in my office ever since, providing essential storage for some of my craft stash.

I have to say, considering they’ve endured two house moves and several more shelf relocations, they’ve survived pretty well. But they were starting to look a little tired.

Not to mention they were entirely wrong for the office of my dreams.

Well come on… just look at them!

Costco Stacking Sweet Boxes make Stylish and Practical Storage Boxes - The World of Suzy Homemaker - | @SuzyHomemakerUK

What to do?

Why take a trip down memory lane and crack open the sticky back plastic, of course!

Last year, during one of many trips to Hobbycraft, I spied some gorgeous Fablon that I just HAD to have.

(Let’s just say “that might come in handy” doesn’t just apply to boxes.)

Simply put, Fablon is bloody brilliant!

Stylish and practical storage made from old boxes.

Remember how, when you were a kid, sticky back plastic had a habit of sticking to everything EXCEPT the book you were trying to cover? Not this stuff. Fablon has substance to it, which makes it simple to use. It’s also a doddle to cut and so long as you get to it quickly, you can even reposition it.

Oh! And it has a handy grid on the paper backing. Bonus!

Fablon comes in a range of colours and I’ve heard it can also be used on the Cricut. I haven’t tried it yet, but I feel a little playtime with my favourite toy might be on the cards.

Stylish and practical storage made from old boxes.

So far, I’ve covered two of the four Costco stacking sweet boxes, as well as a shoe box and I’m chuffed to bits with them. In fact I’m so delighted with that gorgeous Fablon design, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if they migrated next door into the master bedroom.

Stylish and practical storage made from old boxes.

Now that I’ve cut my teeth, I have at least seven more boxes that could use the Fablon treatment.

And that’s just those I can see from my desk.

Best get myself over to Hobbycraft to order some more, then!

As always, I’d love to hear what you think of this project. Drop a comment below and let me know!

A hui hou,

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