Creepy Crying Mask #HalloweenDecorations #YearRoundHalloween #GothicArt

When my Dressing Table mirror fell off the bedroom wall in the wee hours giving me a bloody heart attack, my first thought was “Great! I could just use 7 years’ bad luck.” But as fate would have it luck was on my side, as it gave me a stylishly creeptacular mask idea.

Well, you know what they say about life giving you lemons broken mirrors.

Creepy Crying Mask #HalloweenDecorations #YearRoundHalloween #GothicArt

You may have heard me mention once or twice how I often pick stuff up with no real idea what I’m going to do with it (much to Beloved’s utter joy. Not). Such was the case when I found a couple of maché masks in The Range. From the macabre to the magical, Halloween is never far from my mind, so I knew they’d come in handy for something.

Cue fallen mirror.

Creepy Crying Mask #HalloweenDecorations #YearRoundHalloween #GothicArt

After getting rid of the glass (obvs.), I painted the mirror’s backboard with black Gesso. You can use any black paint; I’ve just found Gesso gives really nice coverage on many surfaces.

While that was drying, I used Gesso to paint the mask and a wooden frame, also from The Range. But it needed something else.

In my mind, I saw crying blood.

As you do.

Creepy Crying Mask #HalloweenDecorations #YearRoundHalloween #GothicArt

So I broke out the red nail polish. Then it was just a matter of glueing in a couple of eyes to the back of the mask, then glueing the mask and the frame to the board. Simple!

I bought the eyes from Amazon but I’m loathed to give you the link because frankly, the quality of the product I received was total shite. I thought I was re-ordering the eyes I used for my creepy eye roses and creeptacular eye picture. Instead, I got 2 packs of utter rubbish… complete with missing parts and pink irises.

I mean FFS! Who the hell needs pink eyes?!

Creepy Crying Mask #HalloweenDecorations #YearRoundHalloween #GothicArt

Turns out, that’ll be me!

But that was after I got a refund, which was pretty decent of the supplier TBH as I got to keep the eyes as well. The next person might have binned them as useless, but being the crafty hoarder that I am, I stashed them away for a rainy day, et voilá!

They were perfect for this project, as they were much smaller than the originals and the pink looks pretty creepy.

Who knew?

Halloween Fortune Teller Room Creepy Crying Mask #HalloweenDecorations #FortuneTeller

This curious creation made its debut in last year’s Halloween Fortune Teller room. But as is the way with many of my makes, it’s managed to found its way into a place where it can be on display all year round.

There’s always room at OneandSeventyroom for a little more weird!

Creepy Crying Mask #HalloweenDecorations #YearRoundHalloween #GothicArt

This is another incredibly easy project that anyone can pull together for Halloween or (if you’re like me) any time of year.

Clearly, you don’t want to go smashing mirrors in order to achieve it, but cheap frames are ten a penny. Try B&M, The Range or even the local charity shops for yours.

Creepy Crying Mask #HalloweenDecorations #YearRoundHalloween #GothicArt

As always, I hope you like this project. If so, let me know by dropping a comment below or why not join me on The Witch at OneandSeventy’s Instagram feed for year-round Halloween inspiration? See you there!

A hui hou,

The Witch at OneandSeventy - Making Halloween Everyday
Creepy Crying Mask #HalloweenDecorations #YearRoundHalloween #GothicArt

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