Blood red roses with eyeballs. A quick and easy Halloween craft with a big, fat, creepy impact!

Finally, Halloween weekend has arrived.

OneandSeventy is ready and I am BESIDE myself with excitement!!

If you’ve been following along on Instagram or Facebook, you’ll know just how busy I’ve been around these parts lately and I actually cannot WAIT until the Trick or Treaters come a-knocking.

Halloween sweetie station for Trick or Treaters

I love nothing better this time of year than welcoming all the kids in all their Halloween finery, getting them off their tits on sugar, and sending them on their merry way with their parents.

I’m a very wicked witch.

OneandSeventy has a few surprises in store this year, including a few new makes like this and this and this.

Then there’s this creepy l’il craft I quickly knocked up that I think you’ll love. It works well with roses, but you can use any silk or paper flower.

Eye Eye!

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  • Roses or any flower in a moody dark colour – red, black, purple… I bought these lovelies at The Range (What a great little treasure trove that shop is!)
  • Bud vase – charity shop
  • Glue
  • Fake eyes – I used these ones from Amazon, as I had a few left over from my creepy eye picture, but you could use any manner of fake eyeballs – there are plenty around this time of year. Just be mindful of the weight – you don’t want anything too heavy. If you can’t find ready-made, you could always make your own eyes. Think ping-pong balls with stickers or even  hand-drawn eyes if (unlike me!) you can actually wield a mean felt tip.

How to make creepy eye flowers

Take your flowers, gently tease out the petals to create a space in the middle and glue in your eye. The eyes I used are hollow, which made the process super easy.

Pop the flowers in a vase.

Creep out your guests.

It really is that easy, but SO effective. You might have spotted that I like mine so much, I have them out all year round.

Love it!

Halloween inspired Dining Room Fireplace vignette, complete with creepy eyes and a real tarantula. Enter if you dare!

As always, I hope you love this project. If so, why not drop a comment below? I’d love to hear from you.

A hui hou,

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Blood red roses with eyeballs. A quick and easy Halloween craft with a big, fat, creepy impact!

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