Crystal Storage and Keepsake Box #witchcraft #magic

Do you practice magic? I bet you do. After all, Magic is all around us. All of the time. Every single day. You don’t need to wait for Halloween to tap into its power, JK Rowling proved that. But as much as I adore Harry Potter I am constantly in awe of the real thing.

Don’t believe me?

Crystal Storage and Keepsake Box #witchcraft #magic

What about the dream you had that came true, or the person in your thoughts who contacted you out of the blue? Remember that feeling you had right before something happened? And what about the time you had no idea how you were going to pay for something, only to discover you had just enough pennies to cover it.

In the words of Aunt Jet: “There’s a little witch in all of us!”

There's a Little Witch in all of Us - free Practical Magic printable from The Witch at OneandSeventy

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Anyway… back to the magic.

Crystal Storage and Keepsake Box #witchcraft #magic

Some people are a bit wary (understandable when you consider how the patriarchy demonised witchcraft) but honestly, magic isn’t scary; it’s just intention.

Most people practice without even realising (prayer anyone?) while there are others for whom magic is a conscious way of life. From dancing under the full moon (yes, that really is a thing!) and intricate rituals during seasonal festivals like Yule, Ostara, Lughnasadh and of course, Samhain. Right up to daily magical activities involving meditation, Tarot, or Crystals.

Crystal Storage and Keepsake Box #witchcraft #magic

When I decorated the OneandSeventy dining room, I did so specifically with our annual Halloween Open House in mind, but it’s since become my epicentre of magic. It’s where I go to consult the cards when I seek direction, to choose a crystal when I feel in need of a little extra support, or just sit quietly and tap into my inner wisdom.

With this in mind, I created corner cabinets filled to the brim with magical tools, both real and decorative, as well as curious creations like my minature apothecary cabinet that keep Halloween alive all year round.

Making Magic #witchcraft #tarot #crystals #magic

The dining table is rarely clear of candles and incense and practically every surface features a display that incorporates this witch’s particular brand of craft. There are even a few fairies as you may recall from my previous post!

Crystal Storage and Keepsake Box #witchcraft #magic

One of my more useful makes is this handy little storage box.

A little black gesso and a touch of brown acrylic paint has turned a cheap plain wooden box with acrylic lid into a stylish display for some of my favourite crystals.

Crystal Storage and Keepsake Box #witchcraft #magic

Oh! The rose?

A memento from Valentine’s Day.

Because you never know when your magic might call for a dried rose.

Is there a little witch inside you? Let me know by dropping a comment below!

A hui hou,

The Witch at OneandSeventy - Making Halloween Everyday
Crystal Storage and Keepsake Box #witchcraft #magic

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