Alice in Wonderland We're All Mad Here Hanging Plaque - @SuzyHomemakerUK #AliceinWonderland #HandmadeArt

Cast your mind back to February and that fantastically whimsical, completely OTT Queen of Hearts Valentine installation in the OneandSeventyHallway and you may recall this project was part of the display.

I mean, who wouldn’t be reminded of Alice in Wonderland when presented with the red half of a deck of playing cards?

Oh! Just me, then?

Alice in Wonderland Off with her Head Plaque - @SuzyHomemakerUK #AliceinWonderland #HandmadeArt

My first thought was The Queen’s “Off with her head” scene and that’s the inspiration I went with.

I liked it, it was nice, but it wasn’t quite ME. I wanted something cool. Something edgy. Something…

A little darker.

Something like this.

Alice in Wonderland We're All Mad Here Hanging Plaque - @SuzyHomemakerUK #AliceinWonderland #HandmadeArt

What I used:

  • Hanging slogan plaque – B&M
  • Grey acrylic paint
  • Image
  • Mod Podge
  • Black acrylic paint

For this Alice in Wonderland “We’re All Mad Here” Wall Hanging, I started with a £3.99 hanging plaque from B&M.

B&M Home is where our story begins hanging slogan plaque

After removing the cord and the metal heart from the bottom, I painted over the slogan in grey acrylic paint. Then I created a Queen of Hearts design in Photoshop, before cutting out the elements on my trusty Cricut.

As I say, I wasn’t overly taken with my first attempt, so I ripped off all the black vinyl apart from the “We’re All Mad Here” and tried again with an amazing piece of artwork that I found on’t Interweb.

Total aside, but if the artist happens across this post, please make yourself known – I would LOVE to credit you!!

I printed the image on regular printer paper, then tore around the edges and used the Mod Podge Transfer technique to get it onto the plaque.

After that, it was just a matter of re-attaching the cord, then dry-brushing with black acrylic to age, distress and disguise the edges to make the image look more like it’s part of the plaque.

Alice in Wonderland We're All Mad Here Hanging Plaque - @SuzyHomemakerUK #AliceinWonderland #HandmadeArt

Oh yes. MUCH better.

I knew exactly where this would be living after Valentine’s Day and it now forms part of the gallery wall on the OneandSeventy stairway.

It resides among such beauties as a peace neon from Homesense and several badass prints from Nickie Kelly, including my all-time favourite Pati Robins photo ‘Rock On’ – a lasting symbol that harks back to my Bon Jovi days.

Stairway Gallery Wall with Handmade Artwork #GalleryWall #HallwayDecor - @SuzyHomemakerUK #HandmadeArt

Naturally, there are also a few more of my own makes on this wall – the ombré skull, for instance, as well as personalised items like those numbers (which is actually a date) and the ‘Maybe it’s because I’m a Londoner’ art.

There might also be a Suzy special of my all-time favourite word in the English language.

That starts in B and ends in ollocks.

SUCH a fine word, don’t you think?

Stairway Gallery Wall with Handmade Artwork #GalleryWall #HallwayDecor - @SuzyHomemakerUK #HandmadeArt

I do love a good gallery wall, don’t you? I especially like to make things interesting with unexpected elements and this Alice in Wonderland hanging plaque looks right at home.

What do you think? As always, drop a comment below to let me know, or join me on Instagram and Facebook for a chat.

A hui hou,

With love from @SuzyHomemakerUK




Alice in Wonderland We're All Mad Here Hanging Plaque - @SuzyHomemakerUK #AliceinWonderland #HandmadeArt

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