DIY Contemporary Black and White Easter Egg Decorations #easterdecorations

These budget-friendly contemporary Easter egg decorations were inspired by a) the stylish simplicity of black & white b) my unceasing appetite for things a little bit different and c) a distinct lack of time.

Yep. You guessed it. I STILL haven’t decorated for spring!

The new season has definitely arrived within me; I can feel Her power stirring up the magic of exciting new beginnings. I just haven’t found the time for a seasonal décor changeover. No doubt I’ll get around to it. There might even be a few new makes but right now, my focus is elsewhere, sorting out the business end of life and a bathroom makeover.

There’s also the small matter of a brand new Instagram account for The Witch at OneandSeventy.

I know!

And it’s going really well!

Why not drop by and have a nosey? Maybe even hit the follow button?

In the meantime, this little display with its handmade Easter tree and Gary the Gentleman Rabbit are representing spring here at OneandSeventy.

DIY Contemporary Black and White Easter Egg Decorations #easterdecorations

DIY Contemporary Black and White Easter Eggs

I knocked up two very different styles of egg this year, all continuing with the black & white theme of the eggs I made previously.

Insect Easter Eggs and Victorian Curio Easter Eggs

Of the two designs, these are my favourites. They’re stylish, different and SO easy to make.

DIY Contemporary Black and White Easter Egg Decorations #easterdecorations

What I used:

DIY Contemporary Black and White Easter Egg Decorations #easterdecorations

My first notion was Easter eggs with a distinctly Victorian Gothic feel. Armed with a bag of hanging plastic eggs and a pack of waterslide decal paper, I sought out suitable images from the wonderful Graphics Fairy.

Important note about Waterslide Decal Paper: This stuff is great and SO easy to use (hit up YouTube and you’ll find heaps of easy-to-follow tutorials), but the paper IS DIFFERENT for Laser and Inkjet Printers. Make sure you buy the correct paper for your printer!

DIY Black and White Contemporary Bumble Bee and Dragonfly Easter Egg #easterdecorations

Also, while not super expensive (mine works out to 70p per sheet) it ain’t cheap either, so don’t waste it.

I filled a whole page with multiple images in different sizes, which allowed room for mistakes. It also gave me plenty for the eggs, as well as a few to upcycle some old crockery that I plan to use for succulents.

Hand-decorated black and white cup and saucer succulent planters

How cool are they?!

Black and White Marbled Easter Eggs

DIY Black and White Marbled Easter Egg #easterdecorations

What I used:

  • Black Nail Polish
  • Lukewarm water
  • Cocktail Stick

I’ve been seeing this marbling technique all over the Interweb and fancied giving it a go.

Again, there are a ton of video tutorials out there and I watched a few including this one, to give me a feel for what I needed to do.

They didn’t come out too badly but I must confess that after three, the novelty wore off. I didn’t much care for the strong smell (which lingered for hours in our winter-tight kitchen) and they took longer than I imagined to dry – possibly because of the plastic eggs – which proved a challenge. I ended up with eggs hanging off door handles! Luckily, they didn’t drip.

DIY Purple and White Marbled Easter Egg

I also tried a lilac one, which again, turned out well but not enough for me to want to make more.

What do you think? Do you love monochrome as much as I do? Do you think you might make your own contemporary Easter eggs? As always, drop a comment below to let me know or hop over to Facebook and Instagram for a chat.

A hui hou,

With love from @SuzyHomemakerUK



DIY Contemporary Black and White Easter Egg Decorations

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