DIY personalised artwork with mache letters | @SuzyHomemakerUK

Even before The World of Suzy Homemaker was a thing, I would regularly be found in the aisles of Hobbycraft, searching for bits to play with.

While Beloved trailed forlornly in my wake…carrying the basket.

These days, the baskets have wheels, but Beloved’s “HELP ME!” expression remains.

You gotta feel for him.

It was during one such long-forgotten expedition, that I discovered mache letters and ever since, they’ve been staring at me from the corner of the office, challenging me to do something with them.

There are some utterly fabulous ideas out there in blog land and I’ve pinned several, but nothing really spoke to me.

For this particular project, I knew I wanted something romantic for the Master Bedroom – they are Beloved’s and my initials, after all – but did I want something soft and feminine? Shabby chic? Or something contemporary?

Decisions, decisions…

When finally I happened upon this pin, I knew I’d found The One. Actually, I was quite keen to re-create the entire piece, but I was one or two letters short!

"I Heart You" 3D Alphabet Wall Art by Vanessa Brady, Tried & True

“I Heart You” 3D Alphabet Wall Art by Vanessa Brady, Tried & True

What I did have, though, were heart-shaped mache boxes.

I know. Who has those just lying around? Erm… that would be me.

So, with the seed finally germinating, I got to work.

DIY personalised artwork with mache letters | @SuzyHomemakerUK

My paint of choice was DecoArt Crafter’s Acrylic in Antique White.

The finished masterpiece had four coats, although three would have done the job. Rather than leaving well alone, I thought I might like a little bling, but after painting the edges metallic gold it looked awful, so I painted over it.

Hence the fourth coat.

DIY personalised artwork with mache letters | @SuzyHomemakerUK

For the final layout, I used the lid and base of one box and with a hot glue gun, glued everything to each other. For added structure, I also glued a few little plastic strips across the joins at the back.

OneandSeventy’s newest masterpiece was hung with a small Command Strip, which I attached to the top heart.

If you’ve never tried 3M Command Strips, I definitely recommend you give them a go. They’re absolutely brilliant! They stick nicely AND they come off cleanly when you want to change things around.

No more holes!

DIY personalised artwork with mache letters | @SuzyHomemakerUK

3M is my number one ‘go to’ product for hanging anything on the wall and there’s a great range of hooks, too.  To coin another company’s phrase, this product really does “do what it says on the tin.” I generally pick mine up from Homebase or B&Q, but I’ve also seen them in Wilkos.

What do you think?

DIY personalised artwork with mache letters | @SuzyHomemakerUK

I have to admit, I’m really rather pleased with my handiwork and it’s spurred me on to get creative with some of the many other bits and pieces I have lying around.

There are plenty of them.

A hui hou,

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