Get into the Halloween spirit with a DIY Ouija Talking Tray.
I’ve been a keen crafter for many years. I’ve dabbled in all sorts of techniques and long before the birth of The World of Suzy Homemaker, I was known for making stylish and bespoke greetings cards.

It wasn’t long after moving into OneandSeventy that I got itchy fingers and started looking for things to make. One such project was a Ouija Board.

I’ve always been fascinated with Ouija, not necessarily for attempting to communicate with the dearly departed (assuming you believe that’s possible), but for their beauty.

Vintage Ouija Spirit Board

A vintage board has been on my wish list for as long as I can remember, but they can be pretty pricey. So, when I scored a set of three cheap wooden trays off a local Facebook page, I spied a way to combine a craft I hadn’t tried before, with a little of something I’d always fancied!

Stack of three wooden trays ready to be painted or decoupaged, or generally repurposed into useful home accessories.

How to make a Vintage Ouija Board Tray

After priming my tray, I gave it a couple of coats of antique white acrylic paint, then got to work on the image.

As luck would have it, an A4 sheet fitted nicely into the bottom of the tray, so I whiled away several happy hours on Photoshop designing my Ouija, with the help of images sourced from The Graphics Fairy.

Then it was just a case of transferring my masterpiece onto the tray.

Get into the Halloween spirit with a DIY Ouija Talking Tray.


The most popular image transfer method I could find involved Mod Podge, but I didn’t have any of this apparently wondrous decoupage medium.

I also didn’t have a laser printer.

Like many a regular home, I have an inkjet, which is not recommended with the Mod Podge image transfer method because apparently, the image will run horribly the moment it makes contact with water.

UPDATE – I have discovered a way where you CAN use Mod Podge with Inkjet images. You can find that here.

I did try a freezer method, where you literally freeze the inkjet print to seal it, but I can’t say it was terribly successful.

Then there was this amazingly simple method for transferring inkjet images onto wood using address label paper.

I love this guy! Quick, concise and covers all the main points. Brilliant!

But…! The base of my tray was shiny, like a laminate, so I wasn’t convinced this method was going to work either.


I was stumped!

Get into the Halloween spirit with a DIY Ouija Talking Tray.

And then I remembered my secret stash; that seemingly bottomless pit of crafty bits that I’ve amassed over the years. You know, the one that supplied the heart shaped mâché boxes for my initials wall art, the tracing paper for my homemade house sign and last year’s Halloween Candle Decorations.

The stash that Beloved has wanted to bin during the last three house moves…

Oh hello, lovely Lazertran Decal Paper!

I knew there was a reason I insisted all those boxes come with us!

Get into the Halloween spirit with a DIY Ouija Talking Tray.

OK, so it doesn’t actually transfer the image to the tray, it’s a decoupage method for inkjet printers. But the great thing about Lazertran is that not only can it be used on a multitude of surfaces but, with a little oil-based varnish, the background of the print becomes transparent. This was exactly what I wanted to make it look more like the image was part of the project, rather than just stuck on.

Unfortunately, I only had one sheet of Lazertran and my ink-thirsty HP Photosmart 7510 decided right in the middle of my project to run low on ink, resulting in more pretty purple than spooky black. To be honest, those clouds are not as in-your-face-purple as the photos would suggest and over time, the colour is starting to fade a little, so I wasn’t too miffed.

After sealing my decal with polyurethane varnish to give me the clear background I wanted, here’s how my Ouija Board Talking Tray turned out.

Get into the Halloween spirit with a DIY Ouija Talking Tray.

I haven’t tried talking with it yet, but maybe I’ll give that a go on All Hallows’ Eve. After all, that is when the veil between the living and the dead is at its thinnest…

Cue spooky cackle of the witch variety.

If you’d like to make your own Ouija Board, I’m including a FREE printable with this post. Simply click on the image below and it’ll take you to the full-sized version.

Click through to download a free Ouija Board Printable to use with your craft projects

Download it, use it, have fun with it and share the hell out of it, but please link back to The World of Suzy Homemaker. I’d also REALLY appreciate it if you didn’t crop out my details.

Because that’s just bloody rude.

Other than that, I’d love to see what you do with my free Ouija Board printable so don’t forget to drop a comment in the box below with a link to your creation. Better still, why not pop over to my Facebook Page and share it there? I can’t wait to see it.

A hui hou,


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