Fantastic Beasts Macabre Raven in a Birdcage #halloweendecorations

Late February has a definite lull about it, don’t you think? We’ve passed the halfway point between winter and spring, flipped and stuffed pancakes, loved (or not) Valentine’s, and Chinese New Year has been and gone. Yet it STILL isn’t spring! So what now for the bird who styles her home according to seasonal celebrations?

Why Halloween, of course!

At least that’s how it might seem to the uninitiated.

It’s true that work on The Witch at OneandSeventy’s Halloween Open House starts early (it doesn’t just create itself, you know!) but around these parts, Halloween is a 365 thing. So, when we’re in between seasons as we are now, it’s the perfect time to knock out a few props.

That may or may not end up on display all year round.

Fantastic Beasts Halloween decor, using A skeleton bird in a cage with vintage carpet bag

Take this skeleton raven in a birdcage, for example. I picked it up from TOFS (The Original Factory Shop) in a Halloween sale for silly pennies, like 50p or something. It made its debut last Halloween when I styled it with a vintage carpet bag for a Fantastic Beasts kinda vibe and somehow, it never quite made it back to storage.

You’re surprised. I can tell.

It’s a great little piece, but I always felt it could be improved. So during this February lull, I went all macabre birdcage on its skeletal arse!

Fantastic Beasts Macabre Raven in a Birdcage #halloweendecorations

After removing the bird, which was attached to the cage with simple zip ties, I corpsed it using the same technique as the Mummified Fairy before ageing the cage with paint and a secret ingredient to make it look rusty. Can you guess what it is?


Yep. I raided the kitchen cupboard after watching this brilliant tutorial from one of my favourite YouTubers – Eduardo Talbert, of Monster Tutorials. How cool is that lantern? You can bet your life I’ll be hacking one of mine!

Eduardo has a whole library of cool projects and you’ll be seeing a few more of his brilliant tips and tricks appearing in these pages over the coming months, including how I went about making this Fantastic Beast a little more… well, “juicy”!

Fantastic Beasts Macabre Raven in a Birdcage #halloweendecorations

For the final touch, I added dried moss and re-hung the cage in the dining room, where this witch’s familiar oversees the witchy shelf and scares away all but the most hardy of whisky drinkers.

Fantastic Beasts Macabre Raven in a Birdcage #halloweendecorations

What do you think? Good improvement?

As always, I’d love to know what you think of my creation. Drop a comment below, or come on over to Facebook and Instagram for a chat.

A hui hou,

With love from @SuzyHomemakerUK



Fantastic Beasts Macabre Raven in a Birdcage #halloweendecorations

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