Victorian Gentleman Rabbit Easter Bunny - @SuzyHomemakerUK #EasterCrafts #EasterDecor #AlternativeEasterDecor

Yep. I am already thinking about Easter. You mean, you’re not? You know it’s only a month away, right? I know this because Beloved and I have already raided the choccie Egg aisles and the shops have been awash with pastel for weeks.

During one of our many mooches around my favourite store in the whole wide world (oh hello, Homesense), Beloved and I discovered this rabbit hiding among the pink and blue of the Easter decorations.

Given the size of his lugs he might actually be a hare, but let’s call him a rabbit for spring’s sake.

The minute I saw him, I thought Evil Rabbit, with glaring pink eyes and creepy makeup but Beloved stopped me in my tracks. “Yeah, but how cool would he look with a top hat?”

Be still my beating heart.

He’s a bloody genius, that man.

So instead of going down the evil rabbit hole, I went a rather more gentlemanly route.

Victorian Gentleman Rabbit Easter Bunny - @SuzyHomemakerUK #EasterCrafts #EasterDecor #AlternativeEasterDecor

As ever, this project didn’t turn out quite the way I originally planned. I had thoughts of painting him and adding a few Suzy embellishments.

In my mind…

  • He wore a petrol blue smoking jacket, cream shirt with pearl buttons, and a red bow tie.
  • Had pink eyes, nose, and inner ears.
  • And a moustache (why of course!)
  • He would be sporting a Top Hat (where on earth would I find one of those?)
  • And have a flower in his lapel.

Because no self-respecting Gentleman Rabbit would be seen dead without a flower in his lapel.

I went to work researching suitable top hats and happened upon a brilliant, free template and tutorial on how to make a miniature top hat from A couple of test runs later and my attempts weren’t half bad. However, I must confess to having temporarily suspended my 2018 Mantra of “it’s not perfect, but it’s good enough” in favour of a little more precision.

Simply put, my scissor-cut circles just weren’t up to par, so I spent several hours re-creating a template on the Cricut.

Victorian Gentleman Rabbit Easter Bunny - @SuzyHomemakerUK #EasterCrafts #EasterDecor #AlternativeEasterDecor

While I was there, I cut out the moustache and also made a monocle that I designed in Photoshop. To make them rigid enough to dress Gary the Gentleman Rabbit in, I cut 2 of each on heavy cardstock, coloured the sides and edges with a black Sharpie, then stuck the two shapes together.


I was just about to crack open the paint when this happened…

Victorian Gentleman Rabbit Easter Bunny - @SuzyHomemakerUK #EasterCrafts #EasterDecor #AlternativeEasterDecor

And I fell in love.

I’m a bit of a fan of black and white Easter decor, so now I was in a total quandary. To paint, or not to paint? That was the question. So I took to Facebook and Instagram for the answer and the response was overwhelmingly in favour of black and white!

You lot LOVED Gary the Gentleman Rabbit just as he was. So that’s how he’s stayed.

Well… aside from the misplaced tash. In my defence, I’ve never grown a moustache, so it didn’t occur to me it was in the wrong place. Insert face-slapping “d’oh!” and eye-rolling emojis here.

Never one to leave things be, I did add a few pops of colour in the red of the hat band, buttons and lapel rose. But nothing is permanent. In a very sneaky move, all the embellishments are entirely temporary, so Gary can be painted in the future should I so desire.

It also means I can change his wardrobe as the mood takes me. Different buttons, for instance, and now that I have the Cricut template, different colour top hats.

Yes. I have a feeling a well-dressed Gentleman Rabbit is going to become a regular feature in OneandSeventy’s future seasonal updates!

What do you think? Would you paint him? Or Do you like him just as he is? As always, drop a comment below to let me know.

A hui hou,

With love from @SuzyHomemakerUK



Victorian Gentleman Rabbit Easter Bunny - @SuzyHomemakerUK #EasterCrafts #EasterDecor #AlternativeEasterDecor

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