Black and White bedroom - great inspiration for a guest room


Like so many UK homes, the last of OneandSeventy’s three bedrooms is a ‘box room’. You know the type… it once housed the hot water tank, features a slope to accommodate the top of the stairs, and has just enough room to swing a cat.

Not my cat. Obviously.

Since I’d already bagged the much larger second bedroom as my office, it was left to the box to act as our main guest room.

Luckily, it’s just about big enough to take a double bed.

It was never my intention to decorate the guest room first. I always thought I’d crack on with the living room or even the hallway. But with a weekend visitor about to descend and having been totally inspired by the perfect Pinterest find, I jumped right in.

(Translation: Cutting my teeth on a small room was probably wise!)

As Pinterest followers will attest, I’m rather partial to a bit of monochrome, but I doubt even I would have been brave enough to attempt a jet black wall had it not been for the photo at the top of this post.

I was smitten.

Even better, the layout of the room was similar to ours, which made it easy to picture how the look might work in our home.

But before I could get going, I had to evict the evil princess.


Fairytale wall mural - getting rid of this was the start of a wonderful guest room transformation.

OK, maybe not evil, but definitely princesses.

And unicorns.

We inherited this fairytale mural from the previous owners and it was HUGE! Not only did it take up the whole of the back wall, it wrapped around each of adjacent walls, too.

Nice if you’re a little girl. Not so much if you’re all grown up.

However debatable that claim may be.

I’d already commenced Operation Removal way before inspiration struck and sadly, before I thought to take photos of the room in all its fairytale glory. So imagine, if you will, this mural right where that beautiful black feature wall is in the inspiration photo.

Got it?

Yes. That.

Now you can see why it had to go, can’t you?

How to remove a large wall mural

Peeling off the mural was pretty easy, but it did leave behind sticky residue and pieces of blue backing paper, all of which had to be thoroughly removed before I could begin painting.

Inch by inch, I scrubbed the walls with damp sponges. OneandSeventy’s walls are lined, so I had to be very careful not to soak the walls, nor scrub too hard so as not to damage the lining paper.

I speak from experience when I say slowly, slowly catches the monkey. Go at walls like a bull in a china shop and you run the risk of uncovering such nasties as blown plaster, that could end up needing professional attention.

A little patience and bit of elbow grease, and the walls ended up as clean as a whistle. It was a laborious job. But well worth it.

A hui hou,

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