A stylish monochrome room makeover with a pop of colour for the smallest bedroom in the home.

Ta da! Here it is. The first of OneandSeventy’s rooms to receive the Suzy Homemaker treatment!

You may recall that when we moved in, our Guest Room had squatters. Remember this monstrosity?

Fairytale wall mural - getting rid of this was the start of a wonderful guest room transformation.

After swiftly evicting those pesky fairies… princesses… (whatever!), it was time to get painting.

I love me a bit of monochrome and decided on a black feature wall after seeing this stunning bedroom from Stacey Cohen Designs.

Rather than flat black, I felt the ex-mural wall could use a nice soft sheen, so I plumbed for a silk emulsion in Black Magic from the Homebase Home of Colour range. I have to say, not only is this paint luscious, it also glides on effortlessly.


To be honest, I really wasn’t sure whether the colour would work at all, but I think you’ll agree it looks GORGEOUS!

Some might imagine a black wall would sap the light, but it’s had entirely the opposite effect. The black silk emulsion really helps to bounce the available light around this small, North-facing room.

And what a sophisticated change from that mural!

A wall painted with black silk emulsion can really help to bounce around the available light in a small, North-facing bedroom.

Elsewhere, the remaining walls and all the woodwork (which had turned an attractive shade of aged yellow) received a fresh lick of pure brilliant white. I think the final result gives the smallest bedroom in the house a fresh, modern and spacious feel.

Paint Pad v Roller

When decorating a room, my paint applicator of choice is generally a paint pad. Application is slower than a roller, but I find a pad gives me better coverage and a smoother finish, especially when going for more dramatic colour changes.

A paint pad is also great for straight lines. If you’re painting walls and ceilings or woodwork in the same colour, a pad can save you having to cut in with a separate brush.

After starting out with my trusty paint pad for the white walls, I ended up switching to a roller. It turned out to be be SO much quicker at covering walls that were previously painted in a similar colour and the slower paint pad added no additional value.

When painting with a roller, it’s a good idea to use the correct sleeve.

OneandSeventy’s walls are all covered in lining paper, which I soon discovered only gives a smooth EFFECT. It turns out our walls are rather more bumpy than I thought, so the smooth roller sleeve I used just ended up ‘skipping’ over the surface. Irritatingly, it meant going over the same area again and again in order to achieve full coverage.

What I should have used was a sleeve for “rough” surfaces.

Lesson learned!

As soon as the paint was dry, I went to work accessorising.

Funky IKEA Bollkaktus curtains cut to size add a pop of colour, while the excess material came in handy for making (my first EVER) matching cushion. After that, there was no stopping me.

My sewing machine and I were on a roll and two more cushions appeared. Inspired by Kelly Hoppen, these babies cost me the princely sum of £9, rather than £95 for the genuine article.

Maybe one day, if those beautiful Bromptons ever reduce in price! Until then…

Black and White handmade cushions, inspired by Kelly Hoppen make a lovely addition to a monochrome room scheme.

In a small room, storage is at a premium. A divan bed takes care of the bulk, but a couple of white IKEA Expedit units provide additional shelf space and double up as a bedside table.

Guest Room Makeover

To complete the look, I finished the feature wall with one of my favourite pictures and added a gorgeous mirror from Dunelm, which I got for an absolute steal. I made some new Suzy Homemaker artwork and shopped OneandSeventy for accessories, like that jewellery hand, complete with Dior bling.

Guest Room Makeover

I absolutely love the way it turned out. I hope you do too.

Have you ever fancied a black wall, but been too scared to try it? Maybe you’ve already taken the plunge? How did it turn out? Let me know, by dropping a comment below.

A hui hou,

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