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***warning*** This post contains spiders. OK, they’re handmade and they’re gold, but I know how you Sammy-haters can be!

Just so we’re clear, this isn’t a post about spiders and neither does it contain kinky horrors. Oh no. We’re not going down THAT route!

Not today anyway…

But it has been pointed out that I have a predilection for the weird and wonderful. I guess having skulls in the bedroom could be considered a bit strange. Add to that spiders, witches and potion bottles and I suppose Beloved has a point.

It’s true. I’m not what you might call your typical Halloween obsessive. Not that my fellow Halloween lovers are anything less than gorgeous (you most certainly are!) It’s just that when people meet a blond, 50-something, pink Converse-wearing, Gucci-carrying Nanna, they don’t usually expect her to whip out her favourite photo of Halloween.

A Deathly Halloween Supper Party #HalloweenDecorations #HalloweenDiningRoom #HalloweenHome #HalloweenHomeTour

The Witch at OneandSeventy’s Halloween Open House by Claire Meldrum Photography

But as much as I’m still dining out on last year’s Deathly Halloween Supper Party (no pun intended) I’m not here to talk dining rooms. I want to take you to the bedroom (ooh err!) and the subtle (or maybe not so subtle) year-round Halloween touches I’ve managed to sneak into the boudoir.

Halloween Furniture and Accessories

If you’ve been around these parts a while, or follow my alter ego Suzy Homemaker on Instagram, you’ll likely know all about my black bedroom furniture with its gold skull knobs.

You may also remember my Gothic-inspired dressing table.

With its black throne…

Gothic Dressing Table with Skull Queen Chair #DressingTable #HalloweenDecorations #DarkInteriors #SkullHome #CricutCrafts

Skull vanity…

Gothic Dressing Table with Skull Vanity Mirror, DIY Dior Poison Bottle and Skull Candle #DressingTable #HalloweenDecorations #DarkInteriors #SkullHome

and DIY Dior Poison bottle.

DIY Jewelled Dior Poison Bottle #DressingTable #Gothityourself #PoisonBottle #HalloweenDecorations

These are just a few simple ways I indulge my Halloween passion all year long.

However, I’ve also managed to include a few rather less obvious and dare I say it, even more stylish ways to inject a little Halloween into your crypt that will keep any nosey parkers guessing as to your true, black-hearted delectations.

Gold Wall Decals

Black and Gold Bedroom Decor with skull knobs and gold wall decal #DarkInteriors #BedroomDecor #CricutCrafts #WallDecals

When I went dark in the Master Bedroom, I wanted something for the space above my bedside table that didn’t involve a frame. I’d already upcycled a couple of charity shop finds and felt this wall could use a little contrast. So I created a gold wall decal on my trusty Cricut Explore.

The design represents an exploding heart spewing forth some of the things that are dear to me, like family in the initials of Beloved, Number 1 son, and our Granbubbas.

Gold Exploding Heart and Halloween Wall Decal #CricutCrafts #WallDecals #BlackandGold

There’s also the hibiscus of Hawaii where Beloved and I were married, The Witch at OneandSeventy silhouette and of course, elements of Halloween like the spider, bat, skull, and witch’s hat.

Jewelled Skull

No Halloween lover worth their salt would have a bedroom devoid of skullaliciousness and the OneandSeventy boudoir is no different.

Gold Jewelled Skull #Gothityourself #HalloweenDecorations #SkullHome

Remember Hawn? My gorgeous gold jewelled skull has found himself a permanent home right here among the black and gold of the master bedroom.

Black and Gold Spider Canvas

Black and Gold Spider Canvas #HalloweenDecorations

My final piece of year-round bedroom Halloween décor is a handmade black and gold spider canvas.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I cannot take the credit for this make, having been inspired by a post from one of my favourite Insta accounts, The Glass Coffin.

Gold Spider Art from The Glass Coffin

When I saw it, the Black Widow in me immediately wanted to sink her fangs into something similar. I rather like spiders and with the supplies I already had on hand, I had a feeling I could recreate it for no additional pennies.

How I made a Black and Gold Spider Canvas

All I did was cover a cheap square canvas with black, suede-effect d-c-fix (sticky back plastic). Then it was just a case of cutting out the spiders on the Cricut and sticking them on.

Couldn’t be any simpler!

Black and Gold Spider Canvas #HalloweenDecorations

Naturally, if you wanted to recreate something like this, you could just as easily use black paint. I just happened to like the finish and rich colour of the d-c-fix.

Can’t find any gold spiders? Just as well you know a witch who can make some for you…! Drop me a line via the contact page and I’ll get some knocked up for you.

And there you have it. A little bit of Witch at OneandSeventy Halloween in the bedroom. I hope you found something that piqued your interest. Maybe one of these ideas will inspire the closet Halloween geek in you to weave a little magic into your home décor!

As always, I’d love to know what you think. Let me know by dropping a comment below, or drop by the Facebook Page or the Witch at OneandSeventy on Instagram for a chat.

A hui hou,

The Witch at OneandSeventy - Making Halloween Everyday




Year-round Halloween in the Bedroom with The Witch at OneandSeventy


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