Spooky Halloween decor idea

Halloween has officially left the building.


But before Samhain disappears entirely, my 2015 Halloween journey would not be complete without a virtual home tour.

Halloween Mantel Decor

If you’re anything like me, you might already be cooking up new ideas for next year’s cauldron. So come! Join The Witch at OneandSeventy on a guided tour around her lair. Who knows? Perhaps you’ll even be inspired to try some of her ideas!

DIY Hanging lanterns make a Halloween hallway look like something out of Harry Potter!

Handmade hanging candles transform OneandSeventy’s humble hallway
into The Great Hall of Hogwarts

After weeks of preparation, days lost in thought and hours knee-deep in projects, Samhain came and went in a bit of blur. But I had such a blast welcoming visitors to The Cauldron Inn, dishing out e-numbers and generally putting the fun back into this ancient festival.

Halloween Console Display

Handmade potion bottles | Spell Book candle – Sainsbury’s |
Happy Haunting sign – TK Maxx

Beloved suggested that after all my hard work, it would be nice to share it not just on the blog, but also in person. So this year, instead of taking treats to the door, I set up a sweetie station in the middle of the hallway and invited Trick or Treaters (and their accompanying adults) into The Witch at OneandSeventy’s inner sanctum.

Halloween Sweetie Station

Wooden Signs – TK Maxx | Cauldron Candle – Heaven and Earth, Uttoxeter |
Spell Books | Scary Doll in LanternSpirit Board

Welcome to The Cauldron Inn

If you want treats

You must come in!

Spooky Halloween Dolls

Happy Halloween sign – TK Maxx | rubber rats – Wilko | DIY Scary Dolls

Welcoming strangers into your home dressed as a witch is quite a radical thing to do in the UK, but I think it went down well. Especially as all around, people were turning off their lights and pretending not to be in.

How sad.

No Halloween decor is complete without a giant spider and a hanging lantern

Giant spider – Home Bargains | Cobweb table cloth/window treatment – Sainsbury’s

Anyone who knows me personally will attest that I don’t ‘do’ kids, but even my heart of stone melted a bit at the sight of all the little ones dressed up in their Halloween costumes.

There’s still such an innocence about them, their little faces shining with nervous expectation as they stepped over the threshold, holding tightly to their equally superbly dressed parents.

The star of the show: Animated Clock – Wilko

I’m pleased to say my efforts didn’t go unrewarded. While the kids stood in awe at my star attraction, the adults commented on how brilliant everything looked.

Head swell.

Halloween Console Display

Skull, Owl and Happy Haunting sign | 
Skull and Spell Book candles – Sainsbury’s |
Crystal Ball – The Witch at OneandSeventy’s collection

It was great to see my Bat and Spider art still going strong two years on!

There may have been a tad more head swelling on hearing one of the older kids say it was like a museum. Teenagers are notoriously difficult to please, but even they said it was “cool”.

Well of course! Coz I is daaan wiv da kids, innit?

DIY Zombie Ghost Doll

The Zombie Ghost Doll all lit up at top of the stairs. Another of Beloved’s genius ideas!

Frankly, it was in their best interests to be polite. Those who weren’t had the bejeebers scared outta them by Beloved who was dressed head to toe in black and only too willing to jump out on any gobby kids as they left the house.

Those of a slightly more nervous disposition were treated to a quick shake of the rattling skulls outside the door.

Spooky, noise-activated, light up skulls to scare your Trick or Treaters

Sound-activated, light up skull garland – Sainsbury’s

Thank you Sainsbury’s!

I was so humbled by all the positive feedback, it’s spurred me on to do more next year. The Witch at OneandSeventy is most definitely on a mission to bring Samhain back to Staffordshire.

(No of COURSE I haven’t already been trawling Pinterest researching ideas…!)

Hurricane candle canister decorated with a spooky Dragon's Eye

The DIY Dragon’s Eye Lantern I crafted especially for Wayfair UK creates a show-stopping centrepiece for any Halloween mantel

I also recreated the magical, self-stirring spoon from my favourite film, Practical Magic.

Practical Magic stirring spoon

This year’s mantel had a definite black and white theme, with a pop of seasonal orange.

Halloween Mantel Decor

Pumpkins and signs – TK Maxx | Mindy Brownes Hurricane Canister – WayfairUK |
Candelabra – reclamation yard | Black hand – charity shop find

I have to say; it felt good to be back “in uniform”. It’s been ages since I donned the black velvet and after years of longing, I  finally had my crowning glory – my very own, bespoke witch’s hat.

Stylish handmade black velvet witch's hat.

I hope you enjoyed your little tour around my 2015 Halloween Home. Feel free to leave some love in the comments below. Meanwhile, I’m taking a few days off to put my feet up before the next round of festivities and seasonal styling.

Next stop… Yule.

A hui hou,

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