DIY Hogwarts Trunk by The Witch at OneandSeventy

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you may have heard this year’s Halloween Open House is getting a new room. The School House may be bijou, but it does have a Cupboard Under the Stairs! And what else would be in Harry Potter’s first bedroom at 4 Privet Drive than a Hogwarts Trunk?

At first glance, this looks like it might be a complicated make and I procrastinated over it for ages. But in actual fact, once I got going it only took me an hour or so. The longest part of the whole project was finding the Hogwarts crest. Even the suitcase came easy! 

Now I can’t take credit for the crest as I found it on that there Interweb, but I did spend quite some time colouring it in Photoshop to make it look more like the crest in the movie. And because it took me so long to find something suitable, I wanted to offer it to you, so you didn’t have to spend ages finding one.

You’re welcome

But do remember… the artwork is not mine, so personal use only please! There are so many versions out there, I’m sure no-one’s going to sue me for giving you access.

I hope!

I’ve provided a couple of sizes, along with two sets of Harry’s initials. Hopefully, one will be the right size for your project.


DIY Hogwarts Trunk by The Witch at OneandSeventy

What you’ll need:

  • A trunk – think vintage suitcase
  • Hogwarts Logo – Try the one I used HERE or the bigger version to suit a larger suitcase or actual trunk HERE
  • Harry’s Initials – Free Download HERE
  • Scissors or Craft Knife
  • Belts – Mine were a couple of quid each from Primark
  • Rivets (or not! See below)
  • Ruler
  • Something to mark out your rivet spacing – I used a gold Sharpie
  • Hammer
  • Bradawl
  • Something to protect your work surface
  • Glue – I used PVA for the artwork and Fabri-Tac for the straps
DIY Hogwarts Trunk by The Witch at OneandSeventy

The Trunk

You’d think vintage suitcases would be like rocking horse doo-dah, but I actually found three. The first one cost me fiver on Facebook Marketplace. Bargain!

Vintage Suitcase - The Witch at OneandSeventy

Then I came across two in a local shop. They were a bit more expensive, but I ended up buying one, because it was smaller and a better fit for the space. I’m sure I’ll find use for the bigger one and in the meantime, it’s storing my new Hogwarts Trunk until Halloween.

Yes, yes… I may also have bought another cauldron.

Vintage Suitcase - The Witch at OneandSeventy

Because a witch can’t have too many!

The Artwork

Again, I’ve provided a couple of sizes of each of the artwork items to help with your project. 

Harry Potter Trunk from the Harry Potter Shop

Download the crest you want, print and cut it out, then glue onto the front of the suitcase with PVA. Make sure it’s the right way up – refer to the picture above.

Harry Potter and Ron Weasley at Kings Cross

Download and print Harry’s initials. Cut out each letter and glue onto the right-hand end of the suitcase with PVA. Try to centre the initials and line up your letters as best you can. A ruler will help.

The Straps

Right, so the movie trunk has wooden protectors like an old steam trunk. But the Hogwarts Trunk from The Harry Potter Shop has straps. That’s the design I went with, but if you’re comfortable with woodworking, you could use pine beading. I just wasn’t sure how to curve those edges!

Originally, I planned to buy a length of faux leather and make my own straps. Then I had a brainwave. Belts are PERFECT (and a lot less work!) Amazon was a bust, but Primarni had just what I needed for £2 each. 

DIY Hogwarts Trunk by The Witch at OneandSeventy

Ideally, you want four belts, but my suitcase has firmly riveted corners that won’t budge without making holes in the case. So I decided to forgo the outside straps.

The Rivets

I used these Handbag Studs from Amazon.

I thought I was ordering something like an upholstery tack (is it just me?!) and was initially annoyed when they arrived. They’re more like paper fasteners than tacks but as it turned out, they were absolutely perfect for this project!

Making your Trunk

To attach your “rivets”, measure where you want them to go.

With the belts on the case, I chose a starting point. I then removed the straps and measured every 2 inches as that’s what seemed pleasing to my eye. You may want fewer or more. Go with what pleases yours! Try to make sure the rivets on each belt match – I did this by laying the belts side by side on a flat surface.

Make holes where your marks are. I used a hammer and bradawl. Don’t forget to protect your surface! I keep an old chopping board in my arsenal – one side is for resting the glue gun, the other for jobs like this.

DIY Hogwarts Trunk by The Witch at OneandSeventy

Insert and fasten the brass “rivets” onto your belts.

DIY Hogwarts Trunk by The Witch at OneandSeventy

Glue the belts onto the case. Fabri-tac is perfect for this operation.

DIY Hogwarts Trunk by The Witch at OneandSeventy

Ta da! Your very own Hogwarts Trunk. Perfect for any Hogwarts décor, or Harry Potter themed event.

As you can see, I’ve also been making other items for my Cupboard Under the Stairs, including Harry’s Acceptance Letter and a copy of the Advanced Potion Making book. I have a couple of other surprises on the go, too. As for Hedwig, he came to me via the lovely ladies at The Cottage in Tamworth.

What do you think? Are you a fellow Potterhead? Do you think you might have a crack at this project? If so, don’t forget to share your Hogwarts Trunk with me either on Facebook, or by tagging me on Instagram.

A hui hou,

The Witch at OneandSeventy - Making Halloween Everyday

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DIY Hogwarts Trunk by The Witch at OneandSeventy

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