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Shine bright like a bauble star

Today may be Black Friday, but who needs all that media hype? Instead, why not indulge in 30 minutes of pure, unadulterated crafting pleasure and make yourself a stylish, seasonal decoration that you’ll want to dress year after year.

This wooden bauble star is so incredibly simple and makes a lovely, budget-friendly decoration.

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Easy Song Lyrics Canvas DIY

A DIY song lyrics canvas makes a touching personal gift for someone special in your life. I made this one for Beloved with lyrics from Shania Twain’s “You’re the One”.

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I'm Sue. A 40-something cockney rebel and about as far from stereotypical homemaker as you can get. Down to earth, often irreverent, my world is a no twee-zone for crafting a stylish home for every season. Want to know more, including why I sign off all my posts with "A hui hou"? Start HERE.


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