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Right. Let’s talk about shoes.

Specifically, my Gucci ballet pumps. (Ain’t they purdy?)

Hands up all the ladies who’ve tried on THE most comfortable pair of shoes in the world EVER, only to find your feet in shreds just minutes after an actual, real-life, wearing-them-for-longer-than-30-seconds situation?

Yes, that.

I have something of a love/hate relationship with shoes. I love them, but they hate me. I can’t recall a single pair that didn’t put me through varying degrees of agony before I could even remotely consider them comfortable. Indeed, some of my shoes have never moved passed the crippling stage.

And it’s not a matter of cost, either. From the cheapest of the cheap, to high-end designer – shoe pain does not discriminate.

You hear me, right?

Take my my Gucci ballets, for instance. I totally fell for them in the shop but the moment I brought them home, I found them to be SO uncomfortable they’ve spent almost their entire life in the box.

It’s a very pretty box, I grant you.

But living in a box, even a Gucci-branded box, is absolutely no life for a pair of shoes.

A friend happened to randomly mention that Lipsyl (lip balm) is great for relieving sore spots caused by shoes. She even claims that after applying Lipsyl, she’s been able to dance all night in heels without ANY rubbing!

Could this possibly be true?

You know that advert “Don’t leave home without it”? Well forget credit cards, I don’t leave home without Lipsyl! I ALWAYS have a tube on me. I am the Lipsyl Queen.

Beloved will tell you I’m addicted. Well, if having one on my desk, my bedside table, beside me on the sofa, in every handbag I use, and buying 20 at a time because I thought Boots had stopped selling my favourite brand is considered an addiction, then I am guilty as charged.

Could the answer to a lifelong woe REALLY lie in one of my desert island five? I simply had to try it.

But seriously, as if I’d waste one of my precious tubes! And heaven forbid I got ’em mixed up. Could you imagine?!

No, no, no. Instead, I reached for the Vaseline. I rubbed a little into the affected areas and…

It only bloody worked!

For the first time since trying them on in the shop, my Guccis didn’t hurt my feet.


I may have celebrated by doing a happy dance and skipping around the house in them.

I’ve since worn them a couple of times with absolutely no issues whatsoever. OK, I haven’t gone hiking in ’em (I mean, why would you?!) but they’re now comfortable enough to wear for a business meeting or a lunch, or two.

If you’d seen just how much they hurt before, you’ll know how huge that is.

Next stop, those UGG sandals lurking in the loft that I’ve thus far been unable to wear for more than 30 minutes before they kill me.

Oh yes!

Bring on the summer!

A hui hou,


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