Homemade Lammas Pumpkin Toast and Bat Butter #Lammas #Lughnasadh #Sabbat

Can you believe it’s August on Wednesday? This year is whizzing past faster than a witch on her broomstick! As we greet the last month of summer (sad, but true), we also celebrate the next turn of The Wheel.

When I was thinking about crafty ways to celebrate Lughnasadh or Lammas as we Brits also know it, Beloved came up with a brilliant suggestion. “How about making a Corn Dolly?” he said.

“Ooooh. Good shout!” It is a celebration of the grain harvest, after all.

“I could go all Morgana on it, and cover it in black dripping tar!”

BBC Merlin - Gwen in the Tower with Morgana

BBC Merlin - Morgana and the Enchanted Mandrake

You probably have to be Merlin fans like us to understand.

And yet Beloved still looked at me blankly.

In his defence, he probably wasn’t paying as much attention to such details and said tar-covered corn dollies were actually enchanted mandrakes, but that’s how things work in my Halloween-obsessed head.

Homemade Lammas Bread #Lammas #Lughnasadh #Sabbat

It was going to be so utterly creeptastic but could I get any corn? Could I heck. After traipsing all over town, there wasn’t an ear to be found. I would’ve even settled for a readymade Corn Dolly to suitably Halloweenify, but despite raiding every charity shop within a 5-mile radius, I returned to OneandSeventy empty-handed.

So how else does a witch combine her love of Halloween with the first harvest festival of the year? Why with Lammas pumpkin toast and bat butter of course!

Homemade Lammas Pumpkin Toast and Bat Butter #Lammas #Lughnasadh #Sabbat

Not quite as spooktacular, but definitely bloody delicious!

I don’t bake very often but when I do, it’s generally bread. So what better way to honour Lammas (or Loaf Mass, for the loaves made from the first grain) than homemade toast with lashings of butter?

Homemade Lammas Pumpkin Toast and Bat Butter #Lammas #Lughnasadh #Sabbat


Even better. What if said Lammas bread was in the shape of a pumpkin and the butter was bat-shaped?

Homemade Lammas Pumpkin Toast and Bat Butter #Lammas #Lughnasadh #Sabbat


5 minutes on Amazon Prime and the very next day, I took delivery of this brilliant pumpkin and bat cookie cutter set.

Pumpkin and Bat Cookie Cutters from Amazon

Hello, Halloween Lammas breakfast.

Oh. Very. Yum.

Homemade Lammas Pumpkin Bread and Bat Butter #Lammas #Lughnasadh #Sabbat

Lughnasadh is a fantastic time to take a moment to see which of our own seeds are now coming to fruition and I’ve been checking in on my harvest.

It’ll come as no surprise to learn that by far, my biggest project is this year’s Halloween Open House. Just as I start to feel overwhelmed by the task I’ve set myself and fear I’ll never get it all done, I turn a corner and realise those seeds are actually ripening very nicely indeed.

Fancy a little sneaky peek at one of my works in progress? Oh, go on then. Since it’s you…

DIY Giant Witch's Cauldron #HalloweenDecorations #HalloweenDIY

This year’s Trick or Treaters are going to LOVE it!!

Lammas blessings my dear reader. I truly hope whatever seeds you planted this year are growing strong and healthily and that the next turn of the wheel brings you a great harvest.

A hui hou,

The Witch at OneandSeventy - Making Halloween Everyday



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Homemade Lammas Pumpkin Toast and Bat Butter #Lammas #Lughnasadh #Sabbat

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