How to take a good Halloween Decoration and Make it Great with The Witch at OneandSeventy

Gird your loins, UK Halloweenies. It’s BEGUN! The most wonderful time of the year has arrived this side of the pond… a whole week earlier than my first Code Orange of 2019. 


We obsessives must be doing something right. It seems our campaign to bring Halloween back to Britain might actually be working! Although with social distancing and masks, Halloween shopping is already looking very different this year.

Halloween Shopping 2020 at HomeSense, Stafford with The Witch at OneandSeventy

But have you ever had one of those moments, when you see something spookalicious on the Halloween shelves and think “OMG! I HAVE to have that!” 

Errrr… Sue? Would I be here, if I hadn’t?

Good point.

So what do you do when you absolutely MUST have that something and you notice…

Dum, dum duuuuuuuummmm.


OK, at this point, you might be thinking “but I LIKE glitter!” And why not? I promise not to hold it against you. But it really isn’t my bag. To me, there’s something not quite right about sparkly Halloween decorations (or multi-coloured lights, for that matter) and it disappoints me greatly when I pick something up in HomeSense that I love, only to find it covered in flaming glitter!

Take my latest purchase, for example.

HomeSense Halloween 2020 Count Dracula Statue

What a handsome dude!

But look at those bloody red skulls? I mean… why, HomeSense, WHY?!

I almost left him on the shelf, but I just knew he would make the perfect addition to this year’s Vampire theme. So home he came.

And not for the first time… I donned my apron and got out my paintbrush.

How to make a good Halloween decoration look great

HomeSense Halloween 2020 Count Dracula Statue

Glitter isn’t the easiest to get rid of, especially when it’s been added as part of the manufacturing process, but the way I tackled this project was very simple.

First, I used black Gesso to paint the skulls and any errant specks of glitter.

When the Gesso was dry, I dry-brushed over the black with a little slate grey, using a makeup brush (a little trick I learned from Jeremy at Black Magic Craft, who builds the most amazing Dungeons & Dragons terrain.)

From there, I used the same technique with white, ochre and more grey to gradually build the colour and try to blend the skulls with the rest of the piece.

And that’s it!

HomeSense Halloween 2020 Count Dracula Statue

It really didn’t take much effort at all and I think it’s made the world of difference to this piece. Between you and me, Beloved couldn’t believe it. He genuinely thought I’d somehow scraped off all the glitter to reveal the original finish, that’s how well he said I’d painted it. He always was my biggest fan 😉

And yet… it was SO easy!!

What do you think?

Gesso has been a gamechanger for me because it covers SO many surfaces, be they shop-bought or handmade. From pieces like this, to painted surfaces and even plastics like masking tape, as you may remember from my DIY Fortune Teller Booth.

So whether it’s a Halloween decoration or some other favourite decorative piece, it’s worth keeping an open mind if there are parts of it you don’t like. A little creativity can go a long way to taking something good and making it great.

If you’re planning on doing any Halloween Shopping in the UK this year, make sure to follow me on Instagram or Facebook. If you already do, you’ll know that I don’t just post a couple of photos from one shop. Oh no! Poor Beloved gets dragged around as many Halloween shelves as I can get away with, just so that I can share all the Halloween goodness with you.

Without doubt, Halloween Shopping 2020 will be a very different affair to previous years, and not just because we’ll all be wearing face coverings.

The Witch at OneandSeventy and HomeSense Halloween 2020

With a pandemic still raging around us, I won’t be travelling the county like I usually do (that’ll please Beloved!) and I’ll also be keeping the touching to a minimum, meaning I’ll only be posting those prices I can see, without having to lift every single item. 

Maybe a lesson for the stores in there? 

However, not even a killer virus is going to stop me from Halloween shopping and I’ll be visiting and posting as much as I can. So get yourself over to Facebook to see what deliciousness I discovered in HomeSense this past weekend. There was already enough on the shelves for a three-part post! (Hit any of the Facebook Icons below to take you straight there.)

HomeSense Halloween, Stafford – 1 August 2020

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

I hope you’ll join me.

Happy Halloween Hunting!

A hui hou,

The Witch at OneandSeventy - Making Halloween Everyday
How to take a good Halloween Decoration and Make it Great with The Witch at OneandSeventy

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