Miniature Apothecary Cabinet

What witch doesn’t love an apothecary cabinet?

My Halloween Pinterest board has a fair few apothecary ideas, from cabinets, to books, to full-on shelves. Every one of them is chock full of potions, herbs and all manner of natural (and unnatural!) elements.

Apothecary Cabinet with Skeleton Hand Candle and handmade Book of Shadows #halloweendecorations #apothecary #

After upcycling a sorry old corner cabinet into a year-round cabinet to house my oddities and curios, I had lots of fun shopping the Halloween decorations to fill it.

Among my treasures, a handmade book of shadowsGothic Fairy Door, and a skeleton horse-drawn carriage from Michael’s – a memento of my very first Stateside Halloween shopping trip.

Wow! I can’t believe that was a year ago already.

Apothecary Cabinet with Skeleton Horse-drawn Carriage from Michael's #halloweendecorations

But I still had a whole shelf to fill.

Enter the miniature apothecary cabinet.

Wooden Drawers from The Works

As ever, I bought these craft blank wooden drawers from The Works without any real purpose, but inspiration soon arrived in the shape of hotel toiletries.

Strange, but true!

Miniature Apothecary Cabinet

Beloved rolled his eyes, but I saw their potential immediately. All ready-made with their cute ball stoppers, these shampoos and shower gels already looked like little potion bottles to me. AND they fit.


Making a simple miniature apothecary cabinet

I decorated the outside of the drawers with my trusty tissue paper and Mod Podge method, then painted the whole thing brown, inside and out. I’ve used this method in a few projects now, but if you’ve forgotten it, here’s a quick video reminder.

To age the cabinet I used a range of inks and paints, just as I decorate my spell books.

After adding gold-painted wooden corners left over from making over the bedroom furniture, a few golden highlights, and some golden painted knobs, it was time to fill the drawers. I couldn’t believe my luck when 4 of the hotel bottles fit perfectly.

Miniature Apothecary Cabinet

For the top drawer, I simply sealed a few miniature potion bottles (also from The Works) with candle wax, added a feather and a dried rose and that was it. Of course, the bottles on the bottom row means keeping the middle drawers closed but I kinda like the way they stick out. And who knows what could be hiding behind them?

The final embellishment was a slim bottle from a pack of Tim Holtz Idea-ology corked vials that I attached to the side of the mini apothecary cabinet with…

Wait for it…

A charity shop earring!!

Miniature Apothecary Cabinet

I kid you not.

It’s amazing what you can do with a load of old shit!

All you need is a few random items and a little creativity, et voilà! A great miniature apothecary cabinet that looks right at home among the oddities in my dining room.

Perhaps you have some bits and pieces lying around that you could craft up into a year-round Halloween masterpiece? Let me know by dropping a comment below or, as always, drop by Instagram or the Facebook Page for more creepy crafty chat.

A hui hou,

The Witch at OneandSeventy - Making Halloween Everyday




Miniature Apothecary Cabinet #halloweendecorations #witchcraft #apothecary


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