Mixed Media Eggs for Easter and Beyond #Ostara #EasterEgg #MixedMedia #EasterCraft

The skies are blue and the sun is shining. Surely it can’t possibly be a Bank Holiday? And yet, here it is. Easter has arrived and to celebrate, I’ve made a couple of Mixed Media Eggs to add to my growing collection.

Why is Easter late this year?

Making it to the first four-day weekend of the year always feels like an eternity and this year, it’s taken even longer. I’m not entirely sure why to be honest. My understanding is that Easter falls on the first Sunday that follows the first Full Moon after the Spring Equinox. So why not this year?

Apparently, it’s down to some mathematical equation and the Church deciding that the Spring Equinox is always on March 21st even though in reality, it’s variable – as is the way with astronomical events.

And here was me thinking the church followed rather more heavenly signs than the constructs of man.

Silly me.

Mixed Media Eggs for Easter and Beyond #Ostara #EasterEgg #MixedMedia #EasterCraft

From what I can fathom, it seems Easter’s timing this year was put out by the fact that Ostara (the Spring Equinox) fell on March 20th rather than the church’s date of the 21st.

How very inconvenient.

As it turns out, the 21st also happened to be a Full Moon, so why we didn’t celebrate Easter on March 24th (which would have been much more in keeping with its traditional roots) is still a mystery. But you know me and maths.

Confused, yet?

Me too!

Suffice to say, no-one much cares anymore. All we know is Easter has finally arrived and she brought beautiful weather with her.

Bloody marvellous!

Something tells me the air will be filled with the distinct smell of BBQ this weekend. Us Brits can’t wait to get cooking outdoors and given our usual dismal holiday weather, we like to fire up the barbie at the first appearance of the yellow orb.

Handmade Easter Eggs

Mixed Media Eggs for Easter and Beyond #Ostara #EasterEgg #MixedMedia #EasterCraft

As you probably remember, today’s project isn’t my first crack at Easter Eggs. (Get it?! Ha!) This year’s mixed media Eggs join the easy peasy Dragon’s Egg made of drawing pins in honour of St George (which incidentally, has turned out to be one of my hottest pins on Pinterest. Who knew?) and the hot-glue Dragon’s Egg I made to celebrate the return of Game of Thrones.

Pretty apt really, considering this week saw the start of the final ever series. Poor Jon Snow… now that’s what I call the mother of all head fucks!

This year, I’ve drawn upon my recent mixed media journey to create two new eggs.

Mixed Media Eggs for Easter and Beyond #Ostara #EasterEgg #MixedMedia #EasterCraft

A simple black and gold one to hang alongside the contemporary Easter Eggs I made last year. Although I reckon this beaut would look equally good displayed in a bowl with the Black and White Easter Eggs from 2016.

Meanwhile, the larger mixed media egg is rather more intricate, made with a polystyrene egg and a several paper clay castings.

Mixed Media Eggs for Easter and Beyond #Ostara #EasterEgg #MixedMedia #EasterCraft

In a departure from my go-to black, I decided on a more Easter-friendly blue. But of course, being me, it was never likely to be pastel.

Instead, I attacked it with Patina Pastes, which I discovered during a recent workshop with Mixed Media Guru, Anna Dabrowska. If you follow me on Instagram either on @WitchatOneandSeventy or @SuzyHomemakerUK, you’ll no doubt recall the curious creations I ended up with after a day with Finn!

Mixed Media Eggs for Easter and Beyond #Ostara #EasterEgg #MixedMedia #EasterCraft

Despite the injection of colour, I’m quite pleased with the way this one turned out. It still works really well with my decor and not just for Easter. As you can see, it’s already found a potential year-round home in this little vignette on the OneandSeventy landing which funnily enough, sits atop a throw of almost exactly the same shade of blue.

I hope your Easter is filled with joy. If you’re planning on crafting up a curious creation this weekend, now is the perfect time to try your hand at some mixed media eggs of your own. Naturally, I heartily hope you will save room for eggs of a more chocolatey variety!

Enjoy your long weekend, whatever you’re doing.

A hui hou,

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Mixed Media Eggs for Easter and Beyond #Ostara #EasterEgg #MixedMedia #EasterCraft

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