Gothic Valentine Makes #ValentinesDay #ValentinesDayCrafts #Valoween #AntiValentine #MixedMedia

I’m so busy having fun with new projects at the moment, I doubt I’ll find time to create a Valentine mantel this year. But I have made a couple of LOVEly new pieces to inspire you to decorate for the annual day of lurve and beyond.

And I’ve gone a bit Gothic.

Skull and Roses Mixed Media Tag #ValentinesDay #ValentinesDayCrafts #Valoween #AntiValentine #MixedMedia

To look at me, you might not immediately think “GOTH!” but I’ve always been seduced by the dark romance of Gothic design and architecture.

Gothic Valentine Mixed Media #MixedMedia #ValentinesDay

The minute you walk through the door at OneandSeventy, the clues are there. I guess it shouldn’t come as a huge surprise considering my witchyness although curiously, black is one of the few colours I’ve never actually dyed my hair!

Skull and Roses Mixed Media Tag in a Cloche #ValentinesDay #ValentinesDayCrafts #Valoween #AntiValentine #MixedMedia

As I may have alluded once or twice, we do things a little differently around these parts. While Halloween is huge (well of course!) we rarely celebrate any of what you might call the traditional holidays like Christmas, Easter, or (even though it’s not actually a holiday), Valentine’s Day.

But, call me contradictory, I do like to decorate for the occasion.

Whimsical Valentine's Day Display #ValentinesDay #ValentinesDayCrafts #Valoween #AntiValentine #Whimsy

Last Valentine’s Day, I went all out with an over-the-top whimsical wonderland, dressing up my skull mannequin as a parody of Alice’s Queen of Hearts and making my own dark Alice in Wonderland art. I also whipped up a Beauty and the Beast rose and a crown of roses for the Crystal Head Vodka we brought back from Vegas.

Crystal Head Skull and Roses Mixed Media Tag in a Cloche #ValentinesDay #ValentinesDayCrafts #Valoween #AntiValentine #Gothityourself

All of which are on display all year round. 

Dark Alice in Wonderland Art #AliceinWonderland #Whimsy

Because thankfully, love isn’t confined to one day a year.

Victorian Gothic Dining room and Beauty and the Beast rose #ValentinesDay #ValentinesDayCrafts #Valoween #AntiValentine #Whimsy

Valentine’s Day Mixed Media Book Cover

Both of this year’s Gothic Valentine makes were born of my newfound passion for Mixed Media. First up, a very Valoween Gothic Mixed Media Book Cover.

Valoween. Get it?

Seriously, it’s not me. Valoween really is a thing!

Gothic Valentine Mixed Media Book #ValentinesDay #ValentinesDayCrafts #Valoween #AntiValentine #MixedMedia

When I started my Mixed Media journey, I knew I wanted to decorate and sell books. I’ve long been toying with the idea of offering a spell book, as well as the ornate spell pages to put in it. 


But before I get to that, I’ve been cutting my teeth on some random book cover designs, including this black and red beauty. It may have been inspired by the impending arrival of Valentine’s Day but from its texture to its heart-shaped mould and classically Vampire-esque feel, this book would look good on the bookshelf of any Gothic home.

As well as appeal to those for whom Valoween is already a thing.

Valentine’s Day Mixed Media Tag

Skull and Roses Mixed Media Tag in a Cloche #ValentinesDay #ValentinesDayCrafts #Valoween #AntiValentine #MixedMedia

My other (and secretly, favourite) Valentine project is a skullalicious display that definitely fits the Valoween vibe.

This Mixed Media Tag came together very quickly, having been loosely inspired by the Alchemy England skull hand mirror on my dressing table.

Alchemy England skull hand mirror #GothicHome

The addition of a DIY stand elevates the finished piece from simple Mixed Media Tag to a fully functional display piece.

Skull and Roses Mixed Media Tag #ValentinesDay #ValentinesDayCrafts #Valoween #AntiValentine #MixedMedia

Because you know I can’t leave well alone!

A cloche, paper roses from my stash and a black LED tealight, et voilà! The perfect Gothic Valentine (or Valoween) display!

Do you decorate for Valentine’s Day? Perhaps you lean more towards the anti-Valentine movement. Whether you go the whole romantic nine yards or totally do Valoween, I hope these ideas help to inspire you to get creative this Valentine’s Day.

A hui hou,

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figure class=”wp-block-image”>Gothic Valentine Makes #ValentinesDay #ValentinesDayCrafts #Valoween #AntiValentine #MixedMedia

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