DIY initial art makes an ideal newborn baby gift.

Ahhh… spring.

With the arrival of March, it seems the whole of the Northern Hemisphere has sprung merrily from winter into the next season. Can’t say I blame ‘em to be honest – I’m willing on warmer weather like a pro. BUT! Rules is rules and in my world spring starts with the Equinox (or Ostara), which this year is March 20th.

So, I’ll just have to make do with a bit of pre-spring cleaning.

Grey and white hallway decor with gallery wall

And shuffling a few things around.

Console styling, complete with a bust wearing a tiara and a tarantula

Oh! I’m also in the middle of decorating the dining room and doing something REAL fancy with the dining room table. Now that’s exciting! More on that in weeks to come.

Meanwhile, just because I don’t welcome spring until Ostara, it doesn’t mean I can’t start sharing a little springtime gladness on the blog, right? And what better way to do that than welcoming a new addition to the family? Spring is all about new life after all, so I thought I’d share the frame I made to welcome our brand new Granbubba – Master B.

The frame came out of THAT box…

The box from whence this and this came…

DIY initial art make ideal newborn baby gifts.

The box that keeps on giving.

I did well there!

It started life as a bog-standard MDF frame with three cloud-like shapes, but after I painted it with a couple of coats of emulsion (it’s what I had to hand in the colour I wanted) and decorated the shapes with cotton wool, I had a frame fit for a beautiful baby boy.

All that remained was to top it with the obligatory blue bow and add a picture. I chose a variation on a design I made many moons ago that features Bubba B’s initial, his date of birth and a couple of sheep.

To help him sleep, of course!

DIY initial art makes an ideal newborn baby gift.

I’d forgotten how much I liked that initial design, I may have to make more, they make ideal gifts for all sorts – Birthdays, Weddings, Anniversaries…

Handmade personalised initial art - | The World of Suzy Homemaker @SuzyHomemakerUK

One of my readers will recognise the design that started it all!

And there you have it – a beautiful newborn baby gift to welcome spring.


I hope you like this project. As always, if you do, please drop a comment below to let me know or join in all the crafty chat on Facebook or Instagram.

A hui hou,

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DIY initial art makes an ideal newborn baby gift.


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