Gothic Valentine Mixed Media #MixedMedia #ValentinesDay

Hooroo! And Happy New Year! 

OK, we may already be well into 2019, but with Imbolc just around the corner, it feels like newness is still in the air. All that promise of new beginnings has me excited about this year in a way I haven’t felt in a very long time and I’ve been channelling that excitement into some gorgeous new projects.

Happy Imbolc

During deepest, darkest January, when all around us seems bleak and barren, Imbolc reminds us that beneath the earth, nature is stirring. Life is beginning its yearly cycle and some of that growth has even broken the surface. I’ve already seen swathes of crocus and daffodil leaves and nature’s first, delicate beauties are starting to nod their little heads.

I just adore snowdrops, don’t you? They really are the quintessential sign that spring is on its way. I had hoped some of mine might already be in flower by now, as I dearly wanted to recreate one of these gorgeous Snowdrop Cloches by Sharon Santoni. But alas, I am still waiting.

Halloween has begun

Just as in nature, even though the blog has been in its winter hibernation this witch has been busy behind the scenes. I’ve spent January getting creative and learning new techniques and of course, planning and making for Halloween. 

Aged Jack O'Lantern with DIY Stem #HalloweenDecoration #HalloweenCraft #Halloween Pumpkin

It may seem early, but almost 90 days have passed since I closed the doors on last year’s Open House and Halloween 2019 will be here before we know it. And you know how I like to give myself PLENTY of time to get things planned, prepped and produced!

Well, I wouldn’t be much of a Halloween blogger if I didn’t have any content to bring you, now would I?

If you follow me over on Instagram or Facebook, you may have seen I’ve already completed a couple of Halloween 2019 projects – that Jack O’Lantern above and this beaut.

Travelling Vampire Slaying Kit #HalloweenDecorations #GothitYourself #Vampire

Three guesses what this year’s theme is!

Mixed Media projects

Meanwhile, I’ve also been indulging my inner child and playing with Mixed Media. After devouring YouTube tutorials and trying my hand at different techniques, I’ve made several canvases, like this one of my beautiful Mum.

Mixed Media Canvas #MixedMedia #MothersDay

I’ve even experimented with colour, while I learn my craft. Something for the Litha mantel, perhaps?

By the Sea Mixed Media Canvas #MixedMedia #SummerDecor #CoastalDecor

I’ve pretty much been altering anything that moves (watch out Beloved!), including bottles like this one that’s now on display in my favourite whisky establishment.

Masculine Mixed Media Altered Whisky Bottle #MixedMedia #Whisky

I’ve also been applying some of my newfound Mixed Media techniques to craft some altered books. 

Mixed Media Altered Mask and Gothic Books #MixedMedia #GothitYourself #HalloweenDecorations

With my very own bookplate, that I designed using a beautiful graphic from The Graphics Fairy.

The Witch at OneandSeventy's Bookplate

By taking time out to just play and enjoy the process, I’ve started to develop my style. Funnily enough, it’s heavily influenced by magic and Halloween

Quelle Surprise!

So naturally, I’ve also incorporated my love of skulls. This baby is one of this year’s Valentine’s Day projects, so watch out for those.

Skulls and Roses Mixed Media Tag #MixedMedia #ValentinesDay

Great sources of creativity

I am loving this medium so much, I’ve splurged on a full day workshop with one of my Mixed Media idols – Anna Dabrowska AKA Finnabair, whose work has been lighting up my YouTube feed for months. I am beyond excited.

Another YouTuber arming me with a raft of new techniques for 2019 is Heather Tracy of Thicketworks. The stunning detail in Heather’s gothic-inspired work is just incredible and she describes her processes with consummate elegance and clarity.

Not only that, but she has a vocabulary to die for that utterly seduces the wordsmith in me. You simply must check her out, if only to sample one of the most beautiful voiceovers I’ve ever heard. Seriously, the moment I hit play on one of Heather’s videos, I slip into a meditative state.

Hashtag girl crush!

I can’t wait to bring you all these projects in more detail and I’m looking forward to implementing loads of new techniques into even more fabulous new makes over the coming months.

What exciting new stuff is stirring in your corner of the world? I hope Imbolc brings exciting new beginnings of your own and I wish you the brightest of blessings.

A hui hou,

The Witch at OneandSeventy - Making Halloween Everyday

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