Gluttonous Gardener Silver Wedding Anniversary Seed Kit #garden #spring #wedding #anniversarygift #ostara

Next week sees one of the most exciting times of the year. Spring! The arrival of the Spring Equinox on 20 March sees night and day equal once more and the air alive with all the promise of the year to come. 

Apologies to my friends in the Southern Hemisphere who are welcoming the dark half of the year, but it’s our turn again.


Spring Equinox Mantel #Ostara #springdecor

As you may have noticed, unlike previous years I haven’t done any seasonal decorating since Christmas. Mainly because I’ve been spending most of my time developing my curious creations. If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen that I’ve even sold a few, which is fantastic. It’s such an honour to know other people love your work.

But honouring the seasons remains very important here at OneandSeventy so this year, I’m celebrating spring in a rather more traditional and, dare I say it, witchy way.

I’m sowing seeds for Ostara!

Gluttonous Gardener Silver Wedding Anniversary Seed Kit #garden #spring #wedding #anniversarygift #ostara

I have to fess up; I’m not great with seeds. They’re fiddly little things and all the care they need is just asking for trouble from someone whose focus is generally elsewhere. But I do love nature and besides… these particular seeds hold a very special significance.

If you’ve been following along for a while, you’ll know that last year was Beloved’s and my Silver Wedding Anniversary. 25 years we’ve been married (well… 26 this year) which is (WAY) beyond the expectations of either of us.

Not to mention most of our friends and family! 

But despite the odds, we are more sickeningly loved up than ever. 

In addition to a brilliant holiday in Mexico, The Besties showered us with beautiful gifts to celebrate our special day. Among them, a lovely Silver Anniversary Seed Kit, containing Cosmos Purity flowers.

RHS Cosmos Purity #garden #spring #wedding
Image Source: RHS

The seed kit is from The Gluttonous Gardener in London and comes beautifully boxed with a personalised slate to hang alongside our flourishing garden. 

Fingers crossed it DOES flourish!

Gluttonous Gardener Silver Wedding Anniversary Seed Kit #garden #spring #wedding #anniversarygift #ostara

By the time of our Anniversary, it was too late to sow our seeds last year, but I thought they’d be a wonderful way to kick start spring and honour Ostara. So, after waiting patiently all through winter, they are finally under glass.

Well… plastic. A nursery tray from Tiger to be precise.

Ostara Seeds #springequinox #spring

Step 1 of the Ostara celebration complete. But as we all know, sowing the seeds is the easy part. The real work has only just begun. It’s now time to tend to those iddy biddy seeds. To nurture and treat them well to ensure strong and healthy growth, so they can reward us with their bounty.

Such responsibility is a bit nervewracking, but I’m up for the challenge. I’m looking forward to watching them grow and to reaping the fruits of my labour with swathes of beautiful white blooms. I’ve earmarked the perfect garden border with plenty of sun in which for them to grow when they (and Mother Nature) are ready.

Ostara Wreath #Ostara #springdecor

How about you? What seeds will you be planting this Spring Equinox that require your love and attention?

Whatever they are, may they grow well.

Wishing you many Ostara blessings dear reader.

A hui hou,

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Gluttonous Gardener Silver Wedding Anniversary Seed Kit #garden #spring #wedding #anniversarygift #ostara

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