Painted Terracotta Pots with free printable - The World of Suzy Homemaker - | @SuzyHomemakerUK

Hold the front page!

The OneandSeventy kitchen makeover is finally underway!

I know. I can hardly believe it myself. All that nasty orange wood is GOING! However, having taken four days to paint just half the room and a couple of cabinets, I can attest to this being an ongoing project of epic proportions.

I would save you the pain of a reveal right now.

OK, so the kitchen may be a long way from being blogworthy but me being me, I’ve already started to accessorise.

may have purchased another pineapple.

Beloved is not impressed.

You may be called upon to assist in convincing him not to chuck it in the nearest bin.

Anyway… back to the project in hand.

I had in mind a trio of living herbs, so out came the chalk paint to make over some terracotta pots. Only to learn that painted pots can leech toxins into the soil, so they should be used for decorative plants only.


So what do you do when your plans for herbs go Pete Tong? Why use succulents of course!

Painted Terracotta Pots with free printable - The World of Suzy Homemaker - | @SuzyHomemakerUK

First, I lightly brushed each pot and saucer with a couple of passes of Americana Decor Chalky Finish Paint in Lace that I had left over from my mantel makeover. Then I took to Photoshop to design a simple image for the front, which I transferred using Americana Decor’s Image Transfer Medium. Finally, I sealed the whole lot with a coat of Mod Podge before potting up some succulents that were outgrowing their previous homes.

Love it!

Between you and me, I think they look better with succulents than they would have with herbs.

Gotta love a happy accident.

Fancy some succulent pots of your own? I’ve created a free printable of my succulent image just for you. Simply click on the image below to download it. The images are designed to fit small, circa 10cm/4″ diameter terracotta pots.

I’ve even mirrored the images for you, so the text is the right way round when you apply it. All you have to do is print out the page, cut out as many of the images as you need and decorate your pots using the transfer medium of your choice.

Succulent Printable by The World of Suzy Homemaker - | @SuzyHomemakerUK

What do you think? Reckon you might try this project?

As always, I’d love to hear from you. Drop a comment below to let me know!


So! Just a month after completing my succulent pots project, THIS happened.

Painted Terracotta Pots with free printable - The World of Suzy Homemaker - | @SuzyHomemakerUK


It looks like the terracotta is bleeding through and the paint is bubbling. You can just about see that one of the other pots is starting to go, but this one is by far the worst. I’m not sure what’s happened. I suspect sealing it with Mod Podge might not have been the best idea. I also read somewhere that the inside of the pots should also be sealed.

At some point in the future, I’ll get some more pots and re-try this project, probably with some kind of exterior polyurethane sealer. When I do, I’ll re-post and let you have the low-down. In the meantime, I’m going to re-home the succulents, as the two spiky ones have entirely out-grown their pots.


Interestingly, the middle plant in the photos above died after being moved from the bathroom to the kitchen.

Either that, or the pot killed it!

If you’re an experienced terracotta pot painter, perhaps you could give me some tips?

A hui hou,

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