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I’m all for a good knees-up but I’m afraid I won’t be celebrating the Royal Wedding. Whilst I wish Harry and Meghan all the luck in the world, Beloved and I will be far too busy sipping tequilas and celebrating the 25th Wedding Anniversary of our own nuptials to be thinking of anyone else.


But in honour of this momentous occasion, I’ve created a couple of stylish wedding crafts fit for a Princess. There’s also a bonus project for her Prince. All are incredibly easy, although one does require either a cutting machine like the one I use (newer ones also available) or some design skills. Of course, if you love the artwork, but don’t have a machine…

Well you know someone who does 😉

Say it with numbers

Wedding date in wooden numbers

In this, the 25th year since Beloved and I got married (seriously, you’d get bloody less for murder!), I found myself making a couple of projects to commemorate our special day, including this piece of art that fits nicely into the staircase gallery wall. These may look like random numbers, but they actually make up the date of our wedding.

This project was inspired by a DIY from Taryn Whiteaker that I saved way back when I first started on Pinterest. I had every intention of re-creating Taryn’s planter and even scored a brilliant drawer to make it with, but I never quite found the right place for it.

Four years later and I’ve finally immortalised our special day. Not on a planter, but with wooden numbers painted with a galvanised metal technique and mounted to the wall with 3M Command Strips.

This is a super simple wedding craft that anyone can try. It’s clean, modern and makes a wonderfully meaningful addition to any wall.

Wedding art using a split-level monogram

My second wedding craft features our surname, the year we were married and the zip code of where we were wed. As you may remember from my Wedding Memory Box, Beloved and I got married in Hawaii, hence the zip. But this would look equally gorgeous with a UK postcode.

Surname Monogram and Zip Code Wedding Art

I used black vinyl because it’s “blacker” than cardboard that made it a better fit for the gallery. But to be honest, if you’re going to stick down your art before you frame it, then why bother with cardboard and glue when vinyl does the job for you?

I’m all for simple crafting.

For the split monogram, I followed a Cricut tutorial from It Happens in a Blink, which includes a really easy to follow video. Incidentally, if you’re new to Cricut, Melanie’s tutorial also gives you a chance to practice some of the most commonly queried techniques like weld, slice, and attach.

You’re welcome.

After designing our monogram, I added the year above and the zip code below then attached all the elements so I could cut it in one design. I used transfer tape to centre it on white paper, then framed it in a 21cm x 30cm IKEA SÖNDRUM.

In case you want them, the fonts I used are Apple Myungjo for the initial, date, and zip and Bromello for the name.

Gift for the Groom

Those are two stylish and creative wedding craft ideas worthy of a Princess. But what if you want something for a Prince?

This personalised bottle box might be just what you’re looking for.

An antique bottle box, personalised with a couple's wedding date, makes a great gift for the groom #WeddingGift #WeddingCraft

Three years on and our very own royals STILL haven’t opened their whiskies. They’re rather rare you know. The whiskies, not The Besties.

Mind you…

Are you celebrating a special anniversary this year? Maybe you know someone who’s getting married? These wedding crafts would make gorgeous gifts for any Prince or Princess. All you need to do is get them to Buck House on time!

As always, I’d love to know what you think of these projects. Drop a comment to let me know.

A hui hou,

With love from @SuzyHomemakerUK




Stylish Wedding Crafts fit for a Princess - @SuzyHomemakerUK #WeddingCrafts #RoyalWedding #StylishCrafts #WeddingArt

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