Affordable and easy to order custom and ready-made picture frames from eFRAME

I always think pictures make a home, don’t you?

Beloved and I enjoy having our own photography and creations on display, so when I was approached by online custom picture framer eFRAME to experience the company’s service first hand, I was only too happy to oblige.

With such a huge variety of custom and ready-made frames on offer, my choice wasn’t an easy one and the company’s new Print & Frame option made my job even more exciting! Using the online tool, I had loads of fun uploading my own photos, to see how they’d look all framed up and ready to hang.

What a great gift idea that is!

Then there was the small matter of deciding which of my newly-painted walls to adorn.


How about some new artwork for the Guest Bedroom?

Oh wait! What about the Master Bedroom? After its makeover earlier this year, that great expanse of wall over the bed is still… well, just that!

Decisions, decisions.

In the end, neither bedroom got a look in!

Affordable and easy to order custom and ready-made picture frames from eFRAME

Knowing how well acquainted I would shortly become with our sofa after my recent op, Beloved suggested I re-decorate the living room.

He has the best ideas!

A new lick of paint really did do wonders for my recovery and in Suzy’s world, there’s nothing like a plain wall to inspire a picture gallery!

With the old body on the mend and those white walls just begging for the Suzy Homemaker treatment, I went to work creating a key piece to get my gallery started.

Affordable and easy to order custom and ready-made picture frames from eFRAME

‘Foil Feather’ was created using the laminator and foil method but sadly, I can’t take credit for the image; I found this beautiful hand-drawn feather online. All kudos to the artist, I hope you like what I’ve done with your talent!

Pencil drawing of a feather - artist unknown

Although printed at home on A4 card, sizing up my custom frame was no problem. eFRAME’s convenient Size Wizard lists frames in metric, imperial AND A sizes.


The eFRAME website is incredibly easy to navigate. There are options to buy ready-made frames, or create your own from a wide choice of sizes, materials and mount options. I really fancied an oversized frame for my artwork, one with plenty of white space to create an impact.

Now I’ll be honest. I don’t have the greatest head for figures and I confess to getting myself into a bit of a muddle while trying to work out how best to create an A2 frame with a mount to fit my A4 picture.

I blame the anaesthetic.

Yes, I know that was weeks ago… it stays in your system for AGES, you know!

A review on the site said how great eFRAME’s customer services team is, so I picked up the phone and I can honestly say that the representative I spoke to couldn’t have been more helpful. She guided me though the design process, helped me with my calculations and even suggested a different frame width to better suit my desired finish.

Ordering was simple and just two days later my custom eFrame arrived, well packaged and ready to receive my masterpiece.

The synthetic glass made my frame light, easy and safe to handle. However the static created by the removal of the protective blue film did cause the perfectionist in me some angst. Dust-free environments aren’t easy to come by here at OneandSeventy, but a little Pledge Dust & Clean soon sorted out all those irritating little bits.

In went ‘Foil Feather’ and it was a perfect fit. It looks absolutely stunning and just how I imagined it.

Affordable and easy to order custom and ready-made picture frames from eFRAME

Together with a selection of other homemade artwork and my treasured Richard Burton & Elizabeth Taylor Getty, the living room gallery wall is starting to take shape.

And I love it!

In total, the frame I chose cost just £49.67 and that included £7.22 for delivery. Now that’s what I call great value, especially when you factor in the custom service.

If you need a frame, be it custom or ready-made, I would thoroughly recommend eFRAME. From start to finish, the service was impeccable and eFRAME helped me to take a simple, homemade image and turn it into a show stopper.

In my humble opinion, naturally!

Thank you eFRAME for giving me the opportunity to test drive your website and for supplying me with a great frame to review.

A hui hou,

@SuzyHomemakerUK Signature - The World of Suzy Homemaker: www.suzyhomemakeruk



This post was written in collaboration with eFRAME. All opinions expressed are my own.

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