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Are you on Instagram?

If not, why not? You’re missing out on all my lovely posts! There, you can keep up with all the daily shenanigans from my world and you’ll see all the photos that don’t make it on the blog.

As well as some that do!

Seriously, if you’re a visual person, then Instagram could be right up your street. You can find anything from dramatic doorways, to stunning sunsets, to cute cats and of course, dopey dogs. Then there are the gorgeous interiors, amazing holiday destinations and inspirational crafts *sigh*, not to mention the odd celebrity and dinner shot.

Oh and then there’s me.

For those of us who are Instagram addicts and even those who aren’t, I’ll wager that if you have a smart phone, you’ll also have reams of digital photos that rarely see the light of day.

Sound familiar?

Well it’s time to set them free!

Simple Instagram Photo Display - The World of Suzy Homemaker: | @SuzyHomemakerUK

This photo display is so simple, anyone can make it. You can even get the kids involved. Better still, the design makes it easy peasy to switch out your images any time you want. Simply unclip one photo and replace it with another.


And it ain’t just for squares. You can display any shape photo, depending on the size of your frame and the type of clip you use. I decided on square, because it suited the frames and I felt the need to rescue some of my favourite images from Instagram.

Talking of frames, mine used to house mirrors. They were donated for a spot of Suzy Homemaker treatment by a couple of my lovely subscribers (Hellllooooooooo Wayne and Leanne!). They removed the mirrors, but didn’t need the frames.

He said: “let’s ditch ‘em”.

She said “No! Sue will use those!”

I’m getting a reputation.

That may explain the garden table and a rusty old barbecue winging their way to OneandSeventy.

Oh yes!

Anyway, I digress.

What I used:

  • Old frames – donated
  • Chalkboard pegs – I had a pack of these in my craft stash; no idea where I got them!
  • Paper for the background – I recently bought an A2 Mixed Media artist’s pad from Hobbycraft to mount some artwork. I discovered the 250g/m2 paper is perfect for backgrounds!
  • Embellishments (optional) – I used paper daisies from my stash to decorate the pegs and some buttons for the chalkboards, which I had left over from when I made my Advent Calendar

How to make a simple photo display

  • Cover the frame’s backboard with card, paper, or even fabric. If you only have the frame, you can make a backboard with some stiff card.
  • Decorate your clip (optional)
  • Glue your clip into position – I used general-purpose glue (think UHU or Bostik)
  • Display photo

See? Simple.

I printed my own photos, but there are plenty of places to get your Instagram images printed. Boots, for instance, which costs 15p per print. Bargain!

So what do you think? Do you like this project? Will you give it a go? Let me know, by dropping a comment below.

And then, head on over to Instagram and hit the follow button!

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