Wotchya Witches! It’s me. Suzy Homemaker AKA The Witch at OneandSeventy. Remember her? Yep, like a phoenix rising from the ashes (or a very bad smell), she is returned. The Witch is back in businesses!

Not gonna lie, it feels odd writing a blog post. It’s been, what, 8 months since the last one? And how the world has changed. Beloved and I moved house and Halloween 2019 got cancelled. Even the computer I’m blogging on is different.

Oh! And there’s the little matter of a global pandemic that knocked us all silly. Thankfully, we’ve been blissfully unaffected in our little country cottage except, of course, spending so much time inside. I wouldn’t mind, but one of the reasons for moving in the first place was to get OUT more!

We’ve endured redundancy and mourned the loss of a dear friend, but lockdown hasn’t all been bad. Beloved and I love spending time together and we’ve had much-needed time to think, to breathe and, of course, for me to create. And the big news is… <Drumroll> I’ve gone pro! Yep. The Witch at OneandSeventy really IS back in business!

Trying to explain what I do to the Tax Man was interesting.

Him: “What’s the name of your business?”

Me: “The Witch at One and Seventy – spelled OneandSeventy

Him: “Well that sounds intriguing! What is your trade?”

Me: “Halloween Specialist”

Him: Silence

Him: “Are people interested in Halloween all year?”

Me: …

By the time the call ended he was looking at the blog, telling me how much he loves Halloween and discussing the merits of my business name. “It’s definitely a talking point!”

So… now I’m legit and raring to go.

As you know, my friend Sam and I joined forces last year to start A Touch Of Magic, with a view to setting up online before branching out into a retail premises. COVID put paid to that for the time being and with life throwing each of us some huge curveballs, ATOM hasn’t progressed beyond Instagram. But it’s coming! 

In the meantime, we’ve been concentrating on our individual businesses.

Sam’s Mindfulness Practice at Lotus Moon is in high demand during these testing times, while I’ve been touting my wares on social and, wait for it…

Setting up an Etsy Shop!


I’ve been umming and ahing over it for ages and I really wondered if I’d ever do it. And then, one of my lovely Insta followers bought one of my makes and that was it. I got a taste for the pennies and Emma suggested I needed somewhere to list all of my makes in one place.

A week later and…

Ta da!

The Witch at OneandSeventy Etsy Shop

I won’t bore you with a massive sales spiel. Needless to say, if you’ve ever had a hankering for something among these pages, there really couldn’t be an easier way to bag yourself a curious creation by The Witch at OneandSeventy. Just click on the image above or head to The Shop and to pick up some unique pieces for your magical home. I’m just getting started, so bear with me, but there are LOADS of items yet to come, so don’t forget to favourite my Etsy to keep up to date with all the listings.

Meanwhile, back on the blog, things may be a little leaner than it was before – with fewer and possibly shorter posts. But never fear! I’ll still be spouting my unique brand of Halloween Witchyness and flying the flag for bringing Halloween back to Britain.

And of course, I’ll be sharing The Witch at OneandSeventy’s Halloween Home, which will be returning in 2020 with a bang.

The Witch at OneandSeventy's Halloween Home Tour 2018 #HalloweenDecorations

Moving house is daunting for anyone. But for a Halloween Haunter, it can be a bit of a concern when you open your house to Halloween lovers on the spookiest night of the year. But I needn’t have worried about how our new neighbours were going to react to a Halloween Queen among their ranks. The local Committee took one look at the photos from previous years and asked me to organise a Halloween Trail through the village ending up at ours!

Whether the trail goes ahead is anyone’s guess at the moment, but I’m delighted to report that Beloved and I have started planning a (socially distanced) 2020 Halloween Open House.


Halloween Hallway with Hanging Candles #HalloweenDecorations

I’ll also continue to share my curious creations, including my latest obsession, Magical Miniatures.

I started making 1:12 Scale Doll House Miniatures quite by accident during lockdown and as you can see from the sold sticker, they’re already getting a lot of love. Naturally, they all have a magickal theme and each one is unique and almost entirely handmade, from the furniture to the accessories. If you’d like to see more, visit the Etsy shop or drop by the Instagram page.

So as you can see, there’s lots going on, but I’ll be sure to bring you all the news on the blog and of course, you can follow along in real time on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

It’s great seeing you again.

A hui hou,

The Witch at OneandSeventy - Making Halloween Everyday
Magical Miniatures by The Witch at OneandSeventy

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