Romantic black Baroque Mirror - The World of Suzy Homemaker: | @SuzyHomemakerUK

Baroque, Rococo, Gothic, Renaissance, Venetian… Whatever name you call it, all of these styles have a similar feel, don’t you think?

It’s a style I absolutely adore, but I’m an eclectic kinda bird, living in a regular 3-bed semi, on a normal road in Staffordshire. I simply don’t have the space to accommodate large pieces of ornate furniture and frankly, I couldn’t stick to one style if you paid me!

Romantic black Baroque Mirror - The World of Suzy Homemaker: | @SuzyHomemakerUK

But what I can do is bring in elements of the styles I like and who says it all has to follow one theme? Home is where the heart is, right? And if your heart can’t decide on one style, then who says you can’t mix them up?

Not me, that’s for sure!

An inexpensive way to inject different styles into your home is through picture frames and mirrors and right now, ornate frames are everywhere.

I’m very fortunate to have a friend who works at B&M, who alerts me to a steal of an offer that she thinks I can do something with. This mirror was one such steal.

White B&M Baroque Mirror - The World of Suzy Homemaker: | @SuzyHomemakerUK

I thought it’d look great in the newly painted master bedroom, but white wasn’t going to cut it, so out came the spray paint.

I used Rustoleum’s Painter’s Touch in black gloss and after masking off the glass, it took no time at all to transform it into a stylish black baroque style mirror that’s already paying its way around OneandSeventy.

Romantic black Baroque mirror and chalk-painted pine bedroom furniture - The World of Suzy Homemaker: | @SuzyHomemakerUK

Not only does it look brilliant (and dare I say it, far more stylish) in the bedroom, where it complements the chalk-painted furniture and another B&M mirror bargain over the dressing table, the eagle-eyed among you will have noticed it gracing the mantel wall in the living room during Halloween.

The Witch at OneandSeventy's Halloween Home Tour 2017 - The World of Suzy Homemaker: | @SuzyHomemakerUK

I suspect that won’t be the last time it gets moved around, but the bedroom will be its permanent home.

At least for now.

A hui hou,

With love from @SuzyHomemakerUK



Romantic black Baroque Mirror - The World of Suzy Homemaker: | @SuzyHomemakerUK

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