Victorian Gothic Dining Room #yearroundhalloween #halloweendecorations #magic

The gallery wall in the OneandSeventy Dining Room has new additions.

Do you see them?

They may be small, but they are no less mighty!

Not to mention, SO easy to make.

Victorian Skeleton Cameo #darkinteriors #skullhome #gallerywall #victoriangothic #gothityourself #halloweendecorations

My Victorian Cameos have a skullalicious dark twist and were inspired by frames I found languishing on a charity shop shelf.  Asking price? £2.50 each.


With their brass rims and concave glass, I knew immediately how I’d be using these miniature Victorian frames.

Which is a rarity for me.

First, I had to dismantle each frame, just to be sure the existing contents could be removed. Naturally, I didn’t take a photo before I started.

Not a rarity for me.

Victorian Skeleton Cameo #darkinteriors #skullhome #gallerywall #victoriangothic #gothityourself #halloweendecorations

Despite a run of glue around the inside frame, I was able to prise everything apart without any damage. 

Rarity. Win!

I made the cameos with air-dry clay, using this silicone mould. After fixing the cameos to the backing with Tacky Glue, I painted them black, then dry-brushed them with cream acrylic to bring out the detail.

Seriously simple!

Victorian Gothic Dining Room #yearroundhalloween #halloweendecorations

Initially, I planned to sell them, but I ended up loving these beauts so much, I had to keep them!


These Victorian Cameos are the perfect addition to the Victorian Gothic décor of the OneandSeventy dining room. A room that changes its contents more than most people change their underwear.

As always, I hope you like this little project. If you feel so inclined, drop a little comment below to let me know.

A hui hou,

The Witch at OneandSeventy - Making Halloween Everyday
Victorian Skeleton Cameo #darkinteriors #skullhome #gallerywall #victoriangothic #gothityourself #halloweendecorations

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