Witch's Kitchen with Wilko 5ft Posable Skeleton and Handmade Giant Cauldron #halloweendecorations #handmadehalloween #witchcraft

If I had a penny for every time someone said “Halloween? But that’s just an American thing, isn’t it?” I’d be able to buy my own Gothic Mansion and turn it into a year-round Halloween Open House.

OK, maybe a bungalow… but I’d make it Gothic! And with all the Halloween décor I’m amassing, I’d soon have it feeling like a mansion!

Black Roses and Halloween Baubles #HalloweenDecorations

If you’ve been around these parts a while, you’ll know I’m passionate about bringing Halloween back to Britain. It’s easy to understand why people might think it’s an “American thing”, but with its roots in the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain (pronounced Sowen), Halloween actually started right here in the British Isles.

And I’m on a mission to bring it home!

Handmade Spell Book and Black Roses on DIY Spell Chair #halloweendecorations

It seems I’m not the only one. Halloween is now officially the UK’s largest seasonal celebration behind Christmas and Easter (yay!) and last year, us Halloween-obsessed Brits spent an estimated £320 million on spookalicious wares.

Long may it continue!

Black and White Halloween Decor - Skeleton and Ravens #halloweendecorations #halloweenmantel

When Halloween Hunting season comes around, there are some High Street shops I immediately stalk to provide me with new pieces for my creeptacular collection. One such store is Wilko and its huge selection of Halloween-themed goodies.

And it all started with a creepy clock!

When I first started opening the house to the local trick or treaters a few years ago, my centrepiece was Wilko’s wonderful animated clock. You can see it in action on last year’s video home tour below.

I’ve already fast forwarded it for you.

You’re welcome.

I absolutely LOVE this piece! It’s a huge hit with the kids and it’s become a focal point in my Halloween decorating ever since.

Last year, Wilko did me proud again, with its 5ft posable skeleton who has made her home at the Fortune Teller table. At £15, this skelly is fantastic value and one of the most reasonably priced lifesize skeletons on the market. So when Wilko approached me to review a few of the products in their Halloween range, I jumped at the chance to get my hands on another for this year’s Witch’s kitchen.

Witch's Kitchen with Wilko 5ft Posable Skeleton and Handmade Giant Cauldron #halloweendecorations #handmadehalloween #witchcraft

I also managed to bag a couple of large flocking ravens for £4 each before they disappeared, as well as two black roses.

Delivery was swift but I was disappointed to discover the box skelly had been packed into was too small.

Wilko Halloween 2018

Poor old girl. That’ll give her neck ache!

I was able to re-position her head no problem (just call me Chiropractor Sue!) but the whacking great dent to the side of her face was a little more problematic.

Wilko Halloween 2018

Brain surgeon, I am not!

Of course, the guys at Wilko were mortified and offered me a replacement but you know what? I decided to keep her. I found her disfigurement strangely alluring; it adds that extra little element of macabre to my décor that I love.

Witch's Kitchen with Wilko 5ft Posable Skeleton and Handmade Giant Cauldron #halloweendecorations #handmadehalloween #witchcraft

Perhaps I’ll also give her a wart!

Onto the ravens and they are gorgeous. And huge! They quickly found a home among this year’s decorations.

One on the hearth…

Skeleton and Ravens #halloweendecorations #halloweenmantel

The other by THAT clock.

Wilko Animated Clock and Flocking Ravens

You can see why I love it!

As for the roses, I’ve been looking at them for the last couple of years but I’ll be honest, I chose them in preparation for NEXT Halloween. Yep… I’m already planning next year’s theme.

This surprises you, I can tell.

In the meantime, I’ve been playing with a few simple styling ideas to work them into this year’s scheme.

Book of Shadows, Witch's Wand and Black Roses #halloweendecorations

I’m really happy with my Wilko Halloween Haul; they make a fantastic addition to this year’s Halloween Home. Between you and me, I’m hoping that next year, Wilko will bring us a few more stylish animations, like the clock.

Anyone for a haunted vintage telephone?!

Hint Hint.

Black Roses and Parchment #halloweendecorations

Thank you Wilko for sending me these items for my collection. I absolutely love them, warts and all! And I know my Trick or Treaters will too.

If you’re still looking for a great selection of Halloween goodies, drop by Wilko.com and check out their range.

A hui hou,

The Witch at OneandSeventy - Making Halloween Everyday



Witch's Kitchen with Wilko 5ft Posable Skeleton and Handmade Giant Cauldron #halloweendecorations #handmadehalloween #witchcraft

This is a sponsored post for Wilko. I was gifted the items included in this review in order to help bring more delicious Halloween goodness to my readers. As always, opinions are my own. For full disclosure, see HERE.


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